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Top 5 Ways Employee Scheduling Software makes Job Management Easier

A proper employee job schedule is an essential business requirement for any company with a large staff. Without an organised schedule, your company could lose out on employee retention, productivity improvement and goal achievement. A well-managed staff schedule keeps a company running and ensures that every staff member knows where they need to be. Eworks Manager’s Job Management System does this and so much more.

5 Ways Employee Scheduling Software can make Staff and Job Management Easier:

1. Knowing Your Team

One of the first steps to staff scheduling is to have a checklist of staff currently working for your organisation or department. The list should include their names, positions & responsibilities, and you should have all of their contact information stored somewhere. It would be best if you also had a record of more information, including whether they’re part-time or full-time and overtime restrictions.

On a Job Management System like Eworks Manager, your admin team can store all staff information as mobile documents in our File Manager. Storing digital files saves your team from being overwhelmed with paperwork, and you can trust that all of your important documents are kept securely in the cloud.

2. Staff Availability

Including staff preferred hours of work in their schedules allows managers to promote a collaborative work environment in the office. This will also help you put a staff member into an available shift that is comfortable for both you and them.

Work hour availability should be saved in a calendar so that your whole team can easily see who is available. Staff Scheduling Software will help your admin team manage multiple schedules and plan work in advance. Eworks Manager’s Time Planner Feature allows you to plan and book appointments, meetings, holidays and sick leave.

3. Easy to access schedule

The next step towards creating a successful work schedule is to ensure that your employees can access their calendars easily from their end. Employees can often lose hard copies of their job cards, which is why using software is necessary.

With Job Management Software, you can schedule appointments for your field workers by viewing their diaries from the system. Mobile users can accept and edit the status of their jobs from the Mobile Job Scheduling App. Your tradies can use the app to keep the office updated on their job progress and view the jobs assigned to them for the day, week or month.

4. Be Prepared For Anything

In the trades and service industry, it's always best to keep emergencies in mind while planning your work calendar. A well designed schedule will allow you to have a plan B.

Real-time job tracking software helps your team react to any issues that happen in the field instantly. Your admin team can quickly be alerted of any work emergencies via the Live Panel, and can assign another available worker to the job. Our system eliminates the need to follow up with your technicians working in the field. You can easily monitor them in real-time and track all other jobs completed by your team.

5. Schedule The Right Employee for the Job

Service business managers need to ensure that they assign the job to employees as per their skills and experience. It is observed that managers are often forced to schedule the shifts even though the staff skills don’t match the given job.

Eworks Manager offers two brand new system plugins, Smart Planning and Auto Planning, that automatically schedule the right workers for the job. The system is able to assign jobs based on your team's skillsets and availability.

Because of the factors mentioned above, many service and trades businesses are now considering replacing their manual and paper-based management with Employee Scheduling Software to make their life easier.

If you would like to book in a demonstration of our employee scheduling software get in touch today. Also feel free to register for a 14-day free trial to test our software out for yourself.

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