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Mobile Inventory Software - Through a comprehensive inventory management app, you can keep track of and manage your van stock

A mobile inventory app allows you to track all of your stock and inventory on the go.

Inventory management is useful, regardless of the kind of company you have. A restaurateur may use it to keep track of their food and beverages, a plumber to keep track of their consumables or materials, and a retailer to track their inventory.

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Easily Manage and Monitor Van Stock

When supplies are assigned to a job, the admin personnel can easily determine if the field operative assigned to the job has the required materials in their van. If the warehouse is out of stock on an item, they can notify the worker to retrieve stock from the warehouse or a supplier. If the employees' supplies are running low, they can place orders from their phones. The system keeps a complete record of all of these orders. This allows workers to restock their vans without having to wait for administrators to mediate the ordering, collection, or distribution process.

Processing Purchase Orders

If you're buying stock for a job or a site, you can keep track of all Purchase Order records. You can record partial orders and invoices from your suppliers straight from your smartphone using Eworks Manager's Inventory Management App. This guarantees that you get all of the stock you purchased and make stock tracking even simpler.

Move or Transfer Stock from One Site to The Next

Any time a stock item is inserted, moved, or retrieved from a location, each location's amount is automatically adjusted. This eliminates the time-consuming task of manually capturing any step. If stock assigned to a job is not available in the worker's van, the system generates a picking list for the worker to pick it up at their specified location. The office workers can easily create picking lists to move stock from one location to another. Mobile stock tracking is a time-saving method of doing stock checks. Simply enter the items and quantities, and any inconsistencies will be highlighted once completed.

The Complete Business System

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Inventory Management App FAQs

1What is Mobile Inventory?
Eworks Manager works with many different trades and field service industries across the world such as Electrical, Facilities Management, HVAC Management, Locksmiths, Property Maintenance, Plumbing and Heating and many more. These types of industries have workers out in the field who will carry out various jobs and services per day that will need to use stock to complete a job. That stock is also known as your 'inventory', and your inventory is extremely important in the trades and service industry. A stock management system can guarantee that you are responsive to over-ordering, under-ordering, and theft prevention, lowering your costs and allowing for faster job processing times. If you have a warehouse or a shop where your stock is kept and many workers out in the field, our mobile stock management feature is a great tool for you! From the palm of your hand, our system will allow you to manage your stock.
2Will My Employees Have Access to The Inventory?
Yes, our mobile inventory app is available to your employees. If you work in the service sector, such as tradies (plumbing and electrical) or facilities management, your workers will most likely spend their days travelling between jobs in the area. You'll need the means to guarantee that the staff are aware of the products available to them. The way to do it is with our inventory tracker!
3How Does It Work?

Our software is very user-friendly and can be introduced to both you and your employees through the Eworks Mobile App and Admin system.

Mobile Inventory is only one of the many useful features we provide. You may use the Mobile Inventory function for a variety of tasks, including monitoring deliveries, making work orders, and tracking sales results, among others. It's a brilliant tool that can provide you with a straightforward and up-to-date picture of your company and greatly improve your stocktake.

4Is It Compatible with My Devices?
We've made it a top priority to make sure our system works for any devices you might use in your company. Our inventory management software works on both iPads and iPhones, as well as Android phones and tablets. The inventory management app can also be run on a computer, allowing everyone to keep up to date regardless of where they are accessing the system.
5Why Should I opt For Inventory Management Software?
The easiest way to keep proper track of your stock and inventory is to use inventory management software. It's digital and easy to use for anyone on the team. Your stocktake will be improved in terms of performance, pace, and precision. Eworks Job Management Software can help you manage more than just your stock inventory; it can also help you streamline other facets of your business, giving you total leverage. Decisions will be simpler to make because you'll have the peace of mind that all is going smoothly.
6Managing Stock

The inventory or stock list is accessible to the admin staff on the admin system, and the technicians in the field on their mobile devices.

When materials from the inventory are allocated to a job, your admin staff can see that the required materials have been taken from the warehouse for the job. If not, with the click of a button they can notify the field operative to collect the necessary stock from your warehouse or from a supplier in the case the warehouse is out of stock of an item.

If your operatives are running low, they can order stock from their mobile. The system will keep a full history of this, of course. It will give them the independence to replenish their vans without waiting for another member of staff to order and collect the new stock. The stock management will be maintained better because both the admin staff and the field staff can keep track of the inventory via the digital and mobile system.

7Tracking Stock
When a stock item is added, transferred or collected from a location, the system automatically adjusts each location's quantity. This means you will not have to capture every movement manually. You will be able to log onto the system and see an overview of your inventory. You can view how much stock items you have, how many items have been committed to jobs, and how many items are available. You can also view the mobile location of stock, and whether it has been transferred from one location to another. Stock inspections can also be done more efficiently through mobile stock management. Simply enter the products and quantities, and any mistakes will be highlighted once the process is complete.

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