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Facility Management

How Can Eworks Managers' Job Management Software Help Facility Management Companies?

If you own a company that handles facility management, it can be difficult to manage everything at once, especially if you are responsible for multiple facilities. Field Service Management Software can help you to transform the way you do business for the better, making it far more efficient and precise.

Our leading Field Service Management Software helps you take control of your Facilities Management business. We offer an all-in-one Job Management Software which can be used in the office and via our Mobile App. Both are perfectly suited for Facilities Management companies and other trade businesses.

Re-active Jobs

Our Mobile App gives your team access to the system to see jobs at any time. Our Customer Login Portal lets your customers log in and request quotes, create new jobs for you, which will immediately send a notification to your team. Customers can also use the portal to view the progress of their jobs. Your team can view the Geo Planner and assign the job to an employee who is closest to the job site. You can also track your drivers live on the job, with our Vehicle Tracking System.

Plan Work

The Job Planner feature enables staff to schedule new jobs on the desktop, mobile or tablet. The Timesheets Feature allows your team to create digital timesheets in advance for each planned job. You can also edit, add photos or notes to timesheets whilst on the move.

Facilities Management

Our Job Management Software is ideal for Facilities Management companies and it aims to assist with the organisation of finances and past, current and future jobs. This software has features that are well suited for Facility Management, and it is a fully integrated system. It's easy to log jobs, create ongoing jobs, quote jobs and plan jobs, invoices, manage assets, track your vehicles, keep track of inventory, monitor employees in real-time and much more.

Asset Management

Eworks Manager offers an Asset Management Feature, which is an essential function of a Facilities Management company. This feature is incorporated within our Field Service Management Software, where you can manage, create and maintain all of your and your customer's assets. Additionally, you can create and manage all recurring jobs, urgent jobs, invoices against assets, recurring invoices and maintenance services. This keeps track of your internal assets, like your office equipment, fire alarms or your customer's assets. Vehicles and other equipment provided to a customer that might require an annual service, may be considered a customer asset.


The Timesheet Feature allows you to post/view before and after photos and notes against all jobs. This makes it convenient for quick management and customer approval as well as evidence of work. Eworks permits you choose specific rights per user on the system. This ensures that only certain staff, such as managers, can authorise jobs and send them for invoicing. Notifications are sent to management before and after jobs are completed. Our all-in-one Field Service Management Software calculates how long a job has taken and how many hours your staff have completed, which makes it easy for you to calculate staff wages accordingly.

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