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When you have your own team going out into the field to fix electrical problems for clients, you need to make sure that they are always completing their jobs to the highest efficiency levels possible and within SLA's. Field Service Management software can improve the way you organise and assign jobs and keep receivning updates from your electricicans. If you are looking for a software which can handle this, Eworks is ready to help you no matter what size of team you have.

Electrical Engineering App Software

How Can Eworks Manager's Electrical Engineering App Help Electricians?

Managing your sparkies can be a difficult task. This is especially true when organizing all those electrical rewires and electrical test certificates. Eworks Manager, a leading Field Service Management Software, was developed help your trades business run according to schedule, to digitise your workflow and keep your business organised and productive.

Re-active Jobs

You can keep track of where all your electricians are located and what jobs they are working on, using Eworks Manager. We have a built-in Job Tracker to easily manage and track your workforce out in the field. The office admin staff can access all work schedules, showing you the current job status and location of all their jobs. If a customer were to call in, your office can send an update directly to the technician on the system. With our new Vehicle Tracking Feature, you can track your fleet drivers on the job in real time with our all-in-one system. The Notifications and Triggers section helps you keep communication with your technicians and customers. If a recommendation is added from site or if additional parts are needed to complete the job, your sparkies can action this. He can action this from the Mobile App and your office will be notified immediately.

Planned Work

Eworks Manager is a great way to streamline your Time Management and job planning. The Job Planner helps staff schedule new jobs from a desktop, mobile or tablet. Our Timesheets Feature enables your team to add jobs to a digital timesheet in advance for each planned job. You can also edit timesheets on the move. All timesheets are digital, and all certificates may be completed and signed for onsite using the Mobile App on the technician's device. Recurring jobs are stored in your system and will re-appear closer to the appointment time so you can assign a worker to the job.

Electrical Engineers

Our software is built for trades businesses like electrical companies. It assists them with the organisation of finances, and past, current and future jobs. It also enables you and your customers to log jobs, plan jobs, send job SMS notifications, monitor inventory, and more.


Our Timesheet Feature allows your team to easily take before and after photos of all jobs with our Mobile App. This is handy for management approval and evidence of work should the customer be unavailable to sign off the timesheet. Notifications can be sent to management once a job is complete or if management intervention is required. This ensures that all jobs are authorized and sent for invoicing on time and that any queries can be dealt with quickly. The system automatically calculates each electricians time traveling to and from site as well as time on site. This helps when it comes to invoicing your customer for travel, stock used and labour charges and makes sure staff wages are correctly calculated.

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1Workforce Management
Create jobs or timesheets from the admin system, or the app. Assign jobs to a project or multiple trade jobs. See More
2Real-Time Job Tracker
Real-time job tracking helps you react to all the issues that happen in the field that you don't know about, instantly! See More
3Workforce Planner
We have a virtual whiteboard that allows you to see all your jobs that have been booked in. See More
4Monitor Employees
The APP will take your employee’s current location and then give them directions to their next job. See More
5Does This Software Improve Efficiency?
When used correctly, our electrical engineer software should be able to improve the efficiency of both you and everyone in your team. This is done through the use of our electrical engineering app, the main portal and software which everyone on the team will have access to. From here, they can log jobs, send out quotes, and more. With everything being handled from one app, they can spend more time focusing on whatever job happens to be at hand. See more here.
6How Will It Benefit My Employees?
As the employer, you need to know where your employees are and how they are getting on with their jobs. The app allows you to know this thanks to its real-time tracker. Your employees will be able to update the tracker with each part of the job, allowing them to monitor their own speed and efficiency while completing it, and it will also give them the location and directions to the next one. Read more about how this software can benefit your Electrical business
7How Will It Benefit Me as an Employer?
You as the employer will have a whole range of different tasks to complete to make your business run as smoothly as possible. This latest technology in electrical engineering which we are offering completely streamlines the process. You have everything you need for assigning jobs and sending out quotes and invoices in one easy place which can even be accessed through an app on your smartphone. Read more about why you should be using electrical engineering software.

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