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Job Management Software for Plumbing Companies. Complete your certificates and manage preventive maintenance and inspections with cloud-based management software.

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Plumbing Software - Job Management Software for Plumbers

How can Eworks Manager help plumbers and other tradespeople in the service industry?

As a plumber, spending time at the office is a rare thing. Fixing geysers, radiators and replacing pipes for clients is what your team is based on, so communication is vital. Take full ownership of your plumbing business with a few clicks of a button using our leading Job Management System.

We offer all-in-one Job Management Software that you can use in the office and via our Mobile App. Our software was designed explicitly for plumbing companies and other trade businesses, saving you time and money.

View all your appointments on the move at any time!

Manage your team, their jobs, sales, improve work productivity and grow profits.

Complete Compliance Certificates without the need to carry paperwork

Our software is built specifically for Plumbing companies and assisting with the organisation of finances and past, current and future jobs. Our software enables you and your customers to log jobs, plan appointments, send job SMS notifications, monitor inventory and create ongoing tasks. You can also manage invoices, quote on new jobs, manage assets, track your vehicles, track employees in real-time and more. With our Mobile Documents plugin, you can run your business completely paperless, have customers sign off on jobs before leaving site, and invoice immediately. Furthermore, you can digitise all your safety certificates so they can be completed on your smartphone or tablet device. Once complete, your certificates are filed against the job with easy access to your documents with a full history.

Track your plumbers in the field

Eworks Manager offers Vehicle Tracking and Live Mobile Tracking. Both tracking options enable you to see your plumbers' live location and receive automatic progress updates on their jobs.

Vehicle Tracking includes various Fleet Management benefits, giving you the ability to track driver behaviour, mileage, journey, and more.

The Live Mobile Tracking feature tracks your plumbers' devices while in the field. You can determine which site your plumbers are at and how long they spend on-site. You can also easily pin point who the closest plumber is to any re-active jobs that may come in.

Re-active Jobs - Assign the first available plumber

Our app gives your team the ability to see their jobs while on the move at any given time. Our Geo Planner lets your clients log jobs and your team to see the latest appointments that have been requested and mapped within the closest distance.

With our Vehicle Tracking Software, you can track your drivers live on the job. Our notifications feature allows multiple users to work on the same appointment in a managed order by not wasting time in delayed communications.

Schedule and track job progress with a range of planners

Ensure the right plumber gets to the right job at the right time. Our Route Planning and Route Opimisation can manage and automate job scheduling, taking into account Technician Availability, Travel Distances and Technician Range.

Route Planning allows you to see the quickest appointments available or pick the most economical appointment based on location. You can also sort your searches by the best available appointment slots. The system will further help in assigning jobs to users by job types. Our software is designed for companies that require instant Route Planning.

Route Optimisation Software allows Eworks Manager to plan the most economical routes for your jobs automatically.

Plumbing Software FAQs

1What is Plumbing Software?
Plumbing Software is a unique blend of different programs tailored specifically for the service industry. It has all the capabilities to run your business combined into one easy-to-use platform. If you feel that you are constantly flicking between various programs when completing your paperwork, this may be the solution you need. It takes all of your existing systems and combines them to streamline your admin work.
2How Will It Help Me Interact with Customers?
One of the best uses of Plumbing Software, like what we offer, is to produce quotes and invoices. When a client contacts you with an issue, you can assess and input your notes into the system to create a custom quote. Once the appointment has been completed, the software can send the invoice to the client. It is seamless and straightforward at every stage of the job.
3Can I Use It to Monitor Employees?
If you are in charge of a team, you can use your Plumbing Software to distribute jobs between your employees as needed. You can then monitor their location so you, as the employer, can see if they are tending to their appointments on time. It is also beneficial to the team as the software is linked to our app, giving them the location and instructions of their next job.
4What can I do with Workforce Management Software?
Create jobs or timesheets from either the admin system or the app. Assign jobs to multiple trade jobs or a project and more with our complete Workforce Management Software.
5What is a Real-Time Job Tracker?
Real-time Job Tracking Software helps you plan re-active jobs immediately as they happen!
6How does a Workforce Planner work?
We have a virtual whiteboard that displays all your jobs that have been scheduled. With our Workforce Planning Software, you can keep on top of your team's progress and schedule new appointments in their available time slots.
7How can I monitor my employees better?
The Eworks Manager App will take your employee's current location and give them directions to their next job. Our Employee Monitoring Software provides you with a means to track your staff and schedule jobs and their routes in the most efficient way.

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