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Efficiently manage planned and preventive maintenance, inspections and breakdowns, with cloud-based management software.

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Facility Maintenance Software that assists you in managing your assets and maintenance jobs. For a 14-Day Free Trial, click here!

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Facility Maintenance Software - Field Service & Job Management Software for the Facility Maintenance industry

How can Eworks Manager help your Facility Maintenance business?

Our Facility Maintenance Software lets you call the shots with your Facilities Maintenance business. We offer an all-in-one system for use in the office or via our Mobile App. Our system is specially created for the Facilities Maintenance industry and other trade businesses. Our app allows your field team to complete and sign off jobs. You can also track each job's status; whether they're on-route, on-site or running late for an appointment, you can see all the work you have lined up from within one system.

Managing Enquiries & Maintenance Requests Has Never Been Easier!

Manage enquiries, create jobs from maintenance requests and keep track of your workforce.

Manage and schedule recurring maintenance jobs

Create recurring tasks for clients who need your services regularly. Create an appointment within the Eworks Manager, set a recurrence rule with your specific needs, and have the system automatically create the jobs for you, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. Create and monitor recurring maintenance tasks against sites and assets.

Manage and keep track of expenses and profit on projects or service agreements

Jobs can be linked to a project, after which you can invoice the entire project or invoice each job independently. Eworks Manager's Project Management Software lets you view all the jobs for a project, track each job's progress, and send invoices using the project sheet.

Track your tradies using live or vehicle tracking

Eworks Manager can offer both Vehicle and Live Mobile Tracking. These tracking features enable you to see field workers' live location and receive automatic status updates of their jobs.

Vehicle Tracking includes numerous Fleet Management benefits, allowing you to keep updated on driving behaviour, mileage, journey, and more.

The Live Mobile Tracking feature gives you the ability to track your employees' mobile devices while in the field. You can identify which customer site your workers are at, and how much time they spend on each appointment. You can quickly identify the closest worker to any reactive jobs which need to be completed urgently.

Keep track of your sub-contractors and which jobs they worked on

Our system can assist sub-contractors with our contractor add-on!

Instead of creating contractors as users, we offer a package to add an unlimited number of contractors and send job information via email.

Contractors can approve and accept the work.

Maintenance Software FAQs

1How will Maintenance Software benefit me as a Business Owner?
Our Facility Maintenance Software will streamline every aspect of your maintenance business. The software includes everything from sending quotes to scheduling jobs, tracking your tradies and invoicing. Our system is designed for the service industry and can be accessed on any mobile device, via our Mobile App.
2How will Maintenance Software benefit my workers?
Instead of spending the day filling out paperwork, your tradies can spend more time doing their jobs. Our mobile app removes physical paperwork from the field and automates timekeeping while updating the office on the status of jobs in real-time.
3What can I do with Maintenance Software?
Create jobs or timesheets from the Admin System or Mobile App. Group jobs into projects or assign them to a multiple trade job. Our Workforce Planning Software includes a virtual dashboard that allows you to see all your diarised jobs.
4Can I track my tradies' jobs in real-time?
Our real-time job tracking allows you to attend to issues that happen in the field spontaneously, instantly!
5Can I monitor my field staff?
Our Mobile Tracking Software allows you to monitor your field workers' current location and gives them directions to their next appointment.
6Does Maintenance Management Software improve efficiency?
Eworks Manager's Field Service & Job Management Software was developed to increase the efficiency and streamline every business process, for you and your entire team. One of the most useful plugins in our system is the use of digital documents and removing paperwork from the field. Your office staff can make use of the software through the Admin System, and your team of field workers can access their assigned jobs and other relevant information from the Mobile App. The Mobile App gives field workers access to create jobs, send quotes, and more. With everything captured within one app, your staff can spend more time focusing on their current appointment.

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