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Does your business need ERP software? You might not even know what ERP software is, or what it can do for your business. Please read below for some of the most frequently asked questions about ERP software.

Do you own a maintenance business looking for an all-in-one ERP software solution to help manage your jobs, sales, workers and overall business? If so, Eworks Manager is the perfect solution for you!

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Import Leads and Convert to Quotes

If you already have an extended lead database, you can import them all at once with Eworks Manager, instead of adding them manually. Convert your leads into new customers and schedule sales appointments for your team to complete on-site inspections before creating a detailed quote for your client.

Track, Manage and Schedule Your Workforce

Our system lets you assign jobs to your field workers with a drag and drop and manage their diaries all in one place. With our Mobile App, workers receive alerts with the relevant information of the appointment assigned to them.

Field workers can also be tracked and have appointments assigned to them using our Live Mobile Tracking and Geo Route Planner. This allows you to allocate the nearest worker to any appointments, whether they need to be completed urgently or planned with economical routes.

Track Company and Customer Assets, plus Inventory

Our system provides total control over your assets and inventory, whether they are in your warehouse or are installed at one of your clients. You can track and manage allocation, location and organise your equipment and machinery with a full history of every movement.

With our Stock Management Software, you can manage all the processes that come with keeping stock. Keep track of collections, deliveries and warehouse processes for a single or multiple locations. You can also keep track of van stock and ensure they always have the stock your workers need.

Full Scope View of your Business

Our Reporting feature allows you to generate and export reports for various aspects of your business. You can create reports for everything from leads and sales conversions to invoices.

With our reports and accounting integrations into leading accounting software's such as Xero, Sage and Quickbooks, you can export reports and information for your bookkeeper or accountant. This ensures management have full control of every process and nothing is ever missed or skipped.

The Complete Business System

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Enterprise Resource Planning Software FAQs

1What Is ERP?

ERP software, or Enterprise Resource Planning software, is an invaluable software for managing many different business processes. From operations to accounting, there is not a lot that this system can't handle. If you think you need a platform to integrate all of your business interactions into one comfortable place, you should consider using an ERP Management System which suits your needs.

Read more about what is ERP Software.

2How Enterprise Resource Planning can help my business?

ERP Software encourages the use of a single system to reduce the double capturing, the hassle of monitoring multiple systems and ensures essential documentation and information is secure. Our ERP Software Solution aims to ease the thought of having all your data in one place, improving work productivity, growing profit, and viewing your business at a 360° angle.

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3Can I Integrate It with my existing software?

One of the best things about our ERP software is that it can be connected with any existing software you may already use, especially accounting software. We have the necessary infrastructure to accommodate your software usage like Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, and many other programs. If you have a preferred application, there is no reason why we cannot combine it with our ERP package.

Read more about how to use ERP Software.

4What can I organise with ERP Software?

The best ERP software will help you organise all aspects of your business. Whether you are merely using it to keep track of your stock or using it to manage critical factors like sales, human resources, and customer services, you can adapt our ERP software to suit your needs. You can even use it to arrange mobile staff who may be travelling between jobs.

5Do I need ERP Software for my business?

If you feel your business could use a little more organisation, you can use our ERP solutions. No matter what line of business you might be in, from a restaurant to manufacturing, there are plenty of ways you can benefit from the added organisation ERP packages can give you. What's more, it is possible to set it up on your phone, so you can keep on top of what is going on at your business no matter where you happen to be.

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