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Staff Scheduling Software - Boost Productivity and Performance with our Staff Rostering Software

Our Full-Featured Planning System can assist in managing and streamlining your entire company from beginning to end.

Managing your field workers' diaries can be difficult, particularly if you do not use Staff Scheduling Software. Scheduling and assigning your staff is made simple with our built-in Time Planner and GEO Location Planning System, which features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop function. The calendar view of our planner allows you to see all of the jobs planned for your entire team, providing you with useful insight into where your field staff are and how efficient they are.

Since you can see where your mobile employees are when out in the field, our system is ideal for assigning reactive emergency jobs to your workers. This allows you to better control their time and keep customers informed at all levels of the job. You can also see how long it takes your mobile staff to get to work, how long they spend on-site, and whether they are on schedule with their tasks. This enables more effective planning and higher efficiency.

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In a Single View, You can Manage the Schedules of Multiple Staff

You can quickly and easily delegate jobs to multiple users using our simple drag and drop feature. When your mobile staff are out in the field, you can view your entire team's diary and get real-time updates on job development. Our GEO Planner allows you to see where your employees are at all times and assign jobs to the worker who is nearest to them when they arrive. Improved turnaround times for reactive or emergency work that could come in during the day are possible as a result of this.

Error and Conflict-Free Planning

The Time Planner is an outstanding method for distributing unassigned jobs to available staff. See who's available and then add the jobs to your worker's calendar using our drag-and-drop system. Our Field Service Software automatically syncs it to your employees on the Mobile App once it has been saved. Need to start a new job but aren't sure who to designate? The system will raise a conflict warning if you allocate a job to a worker who already has a job for that time period. You can quickly drag, drop, and schedule an appointment into the worker's calendar using these Real-Time Alerts.

Job Progress at a Glimpse with Colour Coded Calendar

Every job status is represented by a different colour in the Time Planner. This means you can see where your employees are, how current jobs are progressing, and whether a job has been postponed or placed on hold with a brief view. Our color-coded blocks are updated in real time, so when your staff members select On Route on the Mobile App, the block's colour changes right away.

Sync Your Work Schedule with Your Phone and Take It With You

Workers can sync their work schedules with their calendars using the Mobile App. This helps them to quickly see what work has been allocated to them for the month. The job number, the dates, the customer with their address information, and their appointment status are all pulled through from the job scheduler to the calendar. This informs the field staff about the tasks that lie ahead of them.

The Complete Business System

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Staff Scheduling System FAQs

1What is a Staff Scheduling App?
A Staff Scheduling App aids in the process of creating and managing a schedule. Increasing employee efficiency and allowing companies with teams to rapidly assign staff to jobs is made possible by speeding up employee scheduling. This enables more accurate job monitoring and real-time status alerts.
2What can I do with Staff Rostering Software?
Keep track of employees' whereabouts both on the job and between jobs. For admin workers to properly plan reactive tasks, you can receive real-time feedback on the progress of each task. You can prepare your workforce with a few clicks of a button using our simple drag and drop features.
3Why is it important to roster staff for my business?
To keep things running smoothly, a good Staff Rostering Software ensures that each job has the right employees working on it. In any manual preparation, it also avoids double bookings and mistakes. This can make a big difference to customer satisfaction and ensuring that the job turnaround time is as quick as possible.

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