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Geo Planning Software - Track your jobs and remote users on the ground with Team Planning Software

Resource Planning Software that helps you manage and keep track of your field team.

If you run your own company, you'll know the struggle of an infinite amount of paperwork and post-it notes. Planning your work in this manner can be complicated, cumbersome, and exhausting.

Planning Systems are the ideal way to connect your office administrators and supervisors with your field workers. Our mobile app offers real-time alerts and reminders, as well as the ability for your on-site team to check their job statuses using their smartphones. A status update immediately notifies your office managers. Our app makes it easy to determine each technician's current availability, allowing you to prepare for delays or schedule extra work if jobs are done quickly. Our Geo-Planner software efficiently improves efficiency and productivity by keeping track of your task schedules and mobile employees.

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Economical Jobs using the Geo Planner

Our Geo Planner Map View helps you see the live location of your employees in the field. When your team has a new appointment, the office workers can easily assign the nearest and next available person to the job. The Geo Planner will also show you every employee's work for the day so that you can schedule your tasks more effectively and economically. By using the Geo Planner to arrange and delegate tasks, you will save on travel expenses and time since your employees will only perform jobs that are close to their last assignment.

Our Live Mobile Tracking solution

This functionality helps you to schedule your work more quickly by using the Mobile Tracking feature.

The map view shows the worker's path to each job site. This ensures that if they happen to be travelling to work and an emergency job comes along, the worker will hang on with his current job and tend to the emergency job immediately.

The Mobile Tracking map also shows the percentage of the user's battery on their device, which tells the office why a worker may not take a job on the mobile app. From this point on, they can easily allocate it to the next nearest worker available.

Vehicle Tracking to help you with job planning

Eworks Manager's Vehicle Tracking capability also acts as a route planning tool. The map view shows your vans' live position in the field and helps you schedule new jobs to the nearest available staff.

View all appointments booked for a single worker on a day to see whether and where they have a time slot available to do another job. The different search options also allow you to search for a certain postcode and show you a pin drop of the position and the nearest worker. See all unassigned tasks and, by clicking a button, you can allocate them to one of your field staff.

Real-Time Updates

The Live Panel in our Admin System helps your admin team in making quick and effective decisions. The live panel shows a live stream of the advances your staff have achieved with their work. This means that the appointed admin workers can authorise work and submit them almost instantly for invoicing. The system also guarantees that no tasks are forgotten or misplaced while waiting for staff to bring their worksheets back to the office.

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Geo Planning Software FAQs

1What is a Geo Planner?

Our Geo planner can monitor precisely which location your mobile employees are at for their current job, which appointment they are on their way to, and who is closest to any reactive jobs that might come in.

Our positioning map shows you a bird's eye view of your field staff. It simplifies the preparation of your work schedules and saves you precious time!

2What does resource planning software do?

In the case of Eworks Manager, Resource Planning Systems equip your company with the best planning tools to help with organising and successful job planning and dispatching. Our app offers comprehensive job details and helps you to delegate employees to each scheduled job in advance.

Planning Software is usually focused on deadlines or schedules, checklists and managing projects, ensuring each task is planned for and easily available to those who perform the project or work.

3How does Geo Planning help my business?
The Geo Planner basically allows you to schedule jobs according to the locations of your field workers. It is one of the most economical and time-saving ways to arrange your workdays since mobile employees can save fuel and time by attending to the jobs nearest to them. This is also a perfect way to ensure that clients get the finest treatment since jobs are attended to even faster.

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