Employee Monitoring Software

Track All Your Employees Using Maps and Location Services

Employee Monitoring Software

Trace your Employees while They are on the Move!

The Eworks Mobile App has a built-in map, and it can tell you where to go when you receive a job. The Employee Monitoring Software will take your current location and give you directions to the next job.

The admin system allows you to see where all your users are on the job. Maps can help you plan your jobs as well, and can potentially save mobile technicians from wasting time driving around in the van. They can get from job A to job B without any confusion.

The Geo-Map view,can help you plan, execute and track all jobs. Our software gives you confidence knowing the location of your workforce. If you have purchased our vehicle tracking system you will also be able to track your cars and vans on a live map. You can also assign jobs to your teams of field workers using the job management system.

Eworks Manager allows you to have all your staff and jobs in one system, so you can keep control of every aspect of your business.

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