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Scheduling Tool - Assign Appointments and Tasks to Your Workforce with Our Mobile Job Scheduling App

Online Appointment System for Managing and Streamlining Your Team's Work Schedules.

With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature, scheduling and assigning jobs to your staff has never been easier. The planner in our system has a calendar view that displays all of the jobs that are planned for your entire workforce. From the app, all of your mobile users can handle their assigned jobs and accept or reject jobs. They can also use the Eworks Manager Mobile App to set up and schedule jobs for themselves!

Our Mobile App's Scheduling Tool enables your mobile users to join other tasks that other technicians are working on. This results in a smoother, more reliable operation, which keeps your clients happy. Your mobile users can can use this calendar featureto check their colleagues' diaries.However, the users can only do this if they have been given permission. You have full control over what information can be exchanged between your employees with Eworks Manager!

Faster and Smarter Job Scheduling for Your Team

Appointment Scheduling App that is both powerful and simple to use.
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Easy and Conflict-Free Planning

The Time Planner in the admin system is used to schedule and delegate tasks to available technicians. Your workforce's jobs will be synced to the Employee Scheduling App for them to approve. Our software ensures that no conflicts arise during the planning process. The system will display a conflict message if you allocate jobs to a field worker who already has a job for that timeframe. This will ensure that field workers' appointments are never double-booked.

Sync Your Job Calendar and Take it Everywhere You Go

Our Mobile App seamlessly integrates your team's schedules with the system's calendars. They can see the jobs that have been scheduled for them for the month in the app's calendar view. The job number, appointment times, client address information, and the current status of the job appointment are all displayed on the app.

Assign Jobs to the Closest Available Worker

Our mobile app displays the current location of each of your employees in real time. You can also use the system's Geo Planner to assign jobs to the nearest and most accessible mobile worker. This function also ensures that you delegate jobs in the most productive and cost-effective manner possible.

Mobile Users can manage their own jobs

Your mobile users can create and manage jobs for themselves, as well as join jobs being worked on by other technicians. This allows for smoother, more reliable service and ensures that the team maintains customer satisfaction.

Your mobile users can use this calendar feature to look at the schedules of other employees. This is only possible if the users have been given permission. You have full control over what information can be exchanged among your employees with Eworks Manager!

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Scheduling Tool FAQs

1Who uses the Scheduling Tool?
Your employees' schedules are created and managed using the Scheduling Tool. It is simple and convenient to use, saving time and the efficiency when assigning jobs to each employee. Mobile technicians may use this method to delegate jobs to themselves on the app, saving time for admin workers. This type of schedule allows for more accurate job monitoring and real-time performance evaluation..

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