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Handyman Software - Field Service & Job Management Software for the handyman and maintenance industry

How can Eworks Manager's Handyman Management Software help your handyman business?

If you own a company that involves services and maintenance, it's not easy organising all your jobs; especially if you are managing a team. What you need is a handyman management software. This system will transform the way you run your business, increase efficiency, productivity, and streamline your company.

Our Job Management Software gives you the power to take charge of your handyman business. Our all-in-one Job Management Software can be accessed in the office and via our Mobile App. Both are explicitly developed for the service and trade industry.

Managing Schedules & Requests Has Never Been Easier!

Manage your tradies job schedules and your customer's service requests.

Quote clients and convert quotes to jobs with ease

Create and print or email estimates and quotes directly to your customers. Convert your estimates into jobs instantly, without losing any notes or anything attached.

Our app gives you the ability to create quotes on-site, speeding up the overall process.

Route Planning & Optimisation to ensure your appointments are made efficiently

Eworks Manager offers a Route Planning feature which allows you to assign specific jobs to workers with specific skill sets by job type. The system finds the worker who will be able to get to the appointment the soonest, or the handyman closest to the job, making it the most economical appointment. This reduces fuel costs and ensures jobs are done in good time.

Our Route Optimisation feature is an addition to our Route Planning, allowing you to automatically schedule your jobs based on job type.

Allocate Jobs and track expenses on projects

Create projects for multiple workers or contractors working on a job. Jobs can very quickly run up costs, which is why we offer an Expense Management System that tracks all your costs as they occur.

You can create non-billable or billable expenses, ensuring that you have a log of every cost for every job.

Invoice on-site or in the office

Create invoices from the Mobile App or from the Admin System. Our system allows you to customise your invoices with your brand and layout by applying templates and easily customising them. You can manage overdue invoices and capture payments and payment terms and conditions for each customer.

Eworks Manager also integrates into accounting software such as Sage, QuickBooks and Xero, for a simplified accountancy setup. Our system also allows you to export invoices and reports on invoices for accountants or bookkeepers.

Handyman Software FAQs

1How can Handyman Business Software benefit me as an employer?
You, as an employer, have a range of tasks to complete to run your business as smoothly and effectively as possible. Our Handyman Software will help streamline your entire business. The system is comprised of a broad spectrum of tools you need, from sending estimates to scheduling jobs, tracking your tradies, and invoicing. Our software was created for the service and trade industry and accessed on any mobile device, via our Mobile App.
2What can I do with Handyman Software?
Add jobs or job sheets and distribute them between projects and multiple trade tasks. Our Workforce Planning Software has a virtual whiteboard, allowing you to view all your diarised jobs.
3Does Handyman Software increase efficiency?
Our Field Service & Job Management Software was designed to improve your business's efficiency, for you and your workforce. One of our software's most useful functions is to get your business to go paperless, taking a step into the digital age. Your office staff can access the software through the Admin System, and your field tradies can use the Mobile App while on-site. The app allows field workers to add jobs, send quotes, and more. All your data can be captured within one app, allowing your workers to spend more time focusing on their current appointment.
4How will Handyman Software benefit my workers?
Your tradies will be able to spend more time on their appointments rather than paperwork. The mobile app removes paperwork from the field and automates timekeeping while keeping your office updated on real-time job progress.
5Can I track my field workers' jobs in real-time?
Our real-time job tracking lets you react to all the issues that happen in the field that occur spontaneously, instantly!
6Can I monitor my field staff?
Our Employee Monitoring Software tracks your mobile workers' current location and then gives them directions to their next job.

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