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Create and Schedule Automatic Notifications

Manage all incoming and outgoing notifications and reminders

Scheduling System


Set up a Trigger for leads to help your sales team keep track of potential customers. One of the triggers that you can set up for your leads, is to have the system notify multiple staff members when a quote has been generated from a lead.

Estimates and Quotes

Estimating and Quoting phase is one of the most essential stages of business as it requires staff to act quickly. Eworks Manager offers various Triggers in its scheduling system. These triggers can remind or notify staff when an action takes places around a quote. For example, you can set up a Trigger to notify your admin staff when a quote has been converted into a job. The system helps your staff act quickly and assign jobs as soon as possible.


When jobs are in process, certain things can happen which need office intervention. Setting up various triggers for jobs will ensure that staff are keeping a close eye on job activity. For example, when workers action via the Mobile App that they require more parts, the system immediately notifies the office. The office can then order or pick the necessary parts immediately.

Recurring jobs

SLA’s set up in the system will run as recurring jobs. These jobs are automatically created based on the rules you set up in your recurring job. A Trigger can be set up so that when a job comes in, your team is notified. This trigger is handy when you choose to create the job as an unassigned job and assign it to the closest available tradie.


Staff reminders to send or follow up on invoices can be set up using triggers. This type of trigger will notify staff when an invoice is unsent or if an invoice has gone past its payment due date. Your admin staff will then know which payments are outstanding and be able to chase these up.

Recurring Invoices

When you or your office admin set up recurring invoices, they are automatically created in the system. With this trigger, you or your staff can action the invoice to either print and send it off or email it to your customer.

Purchase Orders

When you create purchase orders in Eworks Manager, they need to be approved. A different member of staff generally approves the purchase order. Triggers can be set up to notify the staff member they have an order pending approval. Eworks also has a trigger which will notify you when a staff member has approved purchase order, so you can send it off to the relevant supplier straight away.


Triggers on assets can be set up in Eworks to either notify you when the asset is in for repairs, has been moved from one location to another or when an asset's warranty expires. Keep up to date with asset maintenance and information instead of having to follow up with your field workers.


Eworks Triggers will let you manage and monitor all of your company expenses. Triggers ensure that you are continually updated and aware of all costs for the company.

Vehicle Tracking

Creating Triggers around Vehicle Tracking secures that if the device is unplugged and re-plugged in, the system notifies the office admin you select in the setup of the trigger.

Inventory and Stock

Set up a trigger to notify employees when stock quantities are running low. This trigger ensures you never run out of stock in your warehouse/s or vans and makes sure staff are ordering stock from suppliers before stock runs out. You can also set up stock thresholds per product and per location.

Alert Field Engineers

Send alerts to your field engineers about jobs

Alert Customers

Send a message to your customers about the status of their jobs

Alert Users

Make sure jobs are running smoothly

Alert Managers

Set goals and get alerts if they are not being met

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