Field Service Software is typically used to organise the workload of engineers or technicians. Plumbers, appliance technicians and electricians will be able to use Field Service Management Software.

If you're interested in finding out more, read below about the benefits of Eworks Manager's Electrical Engineering Software.

Create Invoices Instantly

Invoicing software will allow your technicians to create and send your clients invoices immediately after completing a job, and process payments much faster.

Customers can sign off the invoice, get an emailed copy and make a credit card payment right away. Eworks Manager's Mobile Job Scheduling App allows engineers to manage invoices from anywhere, at any time.

GPS Tracking

Electrical engineers often work in different teams, and so, to keep track of all your technicians, we introduced GPS Live Mobile Tracking software. With this feature, you can easily locate your engineers in the field and view their job progress in real-time.

Our Planning Software allows your admin team to schedule jobs for your electricians, and even plan jobs economically based on their location in the field. You can also receive updates and real-time notifications with Eworks Manager's Field Service Management System. This ensures that there is always communication flowing between the office and the engineers on the job.


Our cloud-based Staff Scheduling Software lets your admin team manage all of your engineers' schedules. This feature is the easiest way to create conflict-free schedules and avoid double-booking your staff.

The Time Planner gives a clear view of everyone's work for the day, week or month. New jobs can be added and slotted into the calendar with a drag-and-drop.

Engineers can sync their work schedules with their mobile calendar on the Eworks Manager Mobile App. By doing this, they can easily see what work has been assigned to them for the month. Information pulled from the job scheduler to the calendar includes:

  • The job number.
  • The time.
  • The customer address details.
  • The appointment's current status.

Sparkies can use the app to view their digital job cards at any time and update your admin team on their work progress throughout the day.

A System That Works For You

Eworks Manager digitises your business's workflow onto a single system. Our powerful cloud-based system can be used to estimate job costs accurately, create orders, quotes and invoices for you.

It eliminates all the paperwork in the office. A paperless system and digital job cards ensure that no data is lost or overlooked. Our system offers reporting software that provides you with better insights into your business's productivity and financial growth. Having one system that works for you, and holds all of your business data in one place can help you save money and time.

Customer Login Portal

Eworks Manager's system offers a Customer Login Portal that gives your customers access to part of the system to request quotes and estimates, new jobs and view their job's progress. Customers can also view and add notes against jobs, clarifying communications between your engineers and your client. You can enable this portal for each client individually and have unlimited customer logins with no extra charge.

Tracking Equipment and Assets

Electrical engineers work with all sorts of equipment and machinery, which is why you should invest in software that can monitor it for you. Our Asset Management Software keeps a full history of your assets and their movements. Manage and schedule assets for recurring maintenance jobs, and service assets regularly to keep them running optimally.

So there you have it! The benefits of electrical engineering software. This system is built to save time, money, and effort while making your team's jobs way more manageable. Eworks Manager offers a 14-day free trial, check it out today!

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