Automate your Business and Increase Sales with a Job Scheduling App

Eworks Manager's Job Scheduling App can help you save time and money, increase customer satisfaction, streamline your entire workflow, and boost your business's productivity.

Help your Business Grow with Eworks Manager's Job Scheduling App

Assign Jobs to your Workers Easily

Our Field Management Software lets you plan job schedules for your business easily with the help of its drag and drop feature. You just have to drag a job and then drop it into your worker's calendar. When you allocate a job to a worker, he is notified about it via our job scheduling app on his mobile device.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Our CRM Software integrates with Outlook so that you can respond to your customers in a simpler and more efficient way. Our system provides a complete detailed history of the interactions that take place between your staff and your customers, helping you deal with your customer's issues more intelligently. The outlook plugin makes sure that your emails are synced so that no information is misplaced or lost.

Manage your Inventory

Our Stock Management Software helps you to ensure you never run out of stock. You can view the total stock and stock value for each location, which allows you to determine precisely how much stock is available at each warehouse. This information will enable you to make adjustments according to the requirements of each location, helping you ensure that nothing in your inventory is overstocked or understocked.

Plan Job Schedules without Any Errors or Conflicts

Our Staff Scheduling Software lets you plan conflict-free job schedules with the help of its time planner feature. The time planner feature helps you find out who is available for a job and who is not to assign jobs without any errors. If a job is assigned to a worker who is already busy with another job, then our system will notify you about it via a conflict notification.

View your Work Schedules No Matter Wherever you Are

Eworks Manager's Job Scheduling App lets your mobile workers view their work schedules anywhere, anytime. Our app allows your workers to sync their work schedules to their calendars so that they can easily view all the jobs that have been assigned to them for the whole month. They can also see the details of the jobs like job number, customer details, and the current status of the jobs.

Ensure the Availability of Stock at Every Location

Our Inventory Management Software ensures that each warehouse of yours has the required stock all the time. If a warehouse does not have the stock required for a specific job, our system allows your admin staff to create picking lists to move the stock to the required warehouse.

A Single Platform to Store all Information

CRM Software of Eworks Manager provides you a central platform to store all of your customer information. It is easier to find information about a specific customer from a single place than searching it from several different places. You can pull quotes, jobs, and invoices for each customer and then analyze which customers are helping you increase your business's productivity and which are not.

Track the Progress of your Jobs

You can easily keep track of the progress of your jobs with the help of the color-coded calendar provided by our staff scheduling software. Each task is displayed as a different color to easily view the progress of your jobs and quickly find out if a job has been canceled or put on hold. The color-coded blocks on our calendar change their color as soon as an action is performed by using our job scheduling app.

Digitize your Documents

You can easily view your documents no matter wherever you are via our job scheduling app. Our app allows you to digitize your documents and helps your workers complete certificates while in the field.

Keep a Full Record of your Stock

Eworks Manager's Inventory Management Software provides you with an entire history of your stock so that you can easily track and manage your inventory. Our system notifies you whenever stock is ordered from your suppliers or when your staff adds or removes stock. This information helps you to make sure that each warehouse of yours has the required stock all the time.

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