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12th May 2021
Mobile Job Management: Improve Communications Within Your Business

Mobile Job Management: Improve Communications Within Your Business

The Eworks Manager’s Job Management Software is the perfect solution to all your management-related problems. It provides a centralised platform that can easily track job progress and manage your tradies in the field. Eworks Manager’s Mobile Job Scheduling App was designed to effectively help field staff and tradies to coordinate […]
31st March 2020
What Companies Should Be Doing To Survive The Lockdown Period feature

What Companies Are Doing To Survive the Lockdown Period

What Companies Are Doing To Survive the Lockdown PeriodIt’s no secret that society as we know it had to change its ways as a result of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Businesses are under a lot of pressure, and they don’t know if they’ll be able to survive the inevitable economic […]
30th March 2020
CRM and Sales Management

CRM and Sales Management – Keeping You Connected

Enhance Your Company’s Efficiency with CRM and Sales Management Have you considered CRM and sales management software to improve business operations? CRM, or customer relationship management, is a system of keeping all your customer data in one digital system. This digital system provides you with quick access to all customer […]
11th November 2019
Powerful Benefits Of A CRM-Based Software

4 Powerful Benefits of a CRM-Based Software

Are you looking for a detailed overview of your customer’s needs and requirements, insights, sales pipelines, and relationship-building tools for targeting suppliers? If so then you need to learn about the powerful benefits that a CRM-based software offers users in your industry. Below, we take a deeper look at these […]

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