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Mobile Job Management: Improve Communications Within Your Business

The Eworks Manager’s Job Management Software is the perfect solution to all your management-related problems. It provides a centralised platform that can easily track job progress and manage your tradies in the field.

Eworks Manager’s Mobile Job Scheduling App was designed to effectively help field staff and tradies to coordinate with suppliers, clients, contractors, and the rest of their team back at the office.

How Eworks Manager Can Help in the Efficient Management of Your Team and Mobile Job Management

Schedule Jobs Easily

Create tasks or schedule jobs for your field staff using our Staff Scheduling Software, and keep track of everything with real-time alerts. Scheduling and assigning your staff is made simple with our built-in Time Planner and GEO Location Planning Software, which features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop function.

As soon as a job is assigned to a worker, your field workers or tradies will receive a notification of the new appointment via the Job Scheduling App. Beacause we have developed a fantastic system for mobile job management, tradies do not need to come back to the office repeatedly to receive their work schedules. The fieldworker will see the jobs pop up on their diaries, where they can accept the appointment and view the job description, directions and any other instructions, documents and attachments that have been added.

Track the Progress of your Jobs

Our job management software allows you to track and manage all of your jobs from a single platform. The jobs will appear in the fieldworker’s calendar, where they can accept the job and view all the job details from the Eworks Manager Mobile App. Field workers can also use the app to update the admin staff about the progress of their assigned tasks. If the deadline for a job is near, your admin staff can send an alert to the workers on-site so that the job can be completed within the time limit.

Our Live Panel in the Admin System helps your admin staff make fast and informed decisions to mobile users’ responses. The live panel gives a live representation of your teams’ job progress. Designated office staff can authorise and sign off jobs to be sent for invoicing almost immediately. The software guarantees that no jobs are ever overlooked or lost because we have eliminated physical job cards.

Attach, Edit, and View Documents via the Mobile App

Upload documents, certificates, or files to be digitised and attached to their respective jobs, or make them mandatory for certain job types. Tradies can quickly view and complete the forms on our app using their smartphone or tablet device. This Mobile Documents feature eliminates paperwork in the field while still enabling your field service engineers to fill out important documents on-site.

Track your Field Workers in Real-Time

Eworks Manager’s Live Mobile Tracking solution allows you to quickly locate and monitor your field workers’ locations. Your admin team can use this feature to determine which site the tradies are working at and how long they are out there. You will also clearly see who is nearest to any reactive jobs that come in.
Automatic updates will also notify you when your tradies’ are on-route, on-site and when a job has been completed, allowing you to inform your clients along the way.

Get your Jobs Approved by Customers through the Mobile App

Our system offers several features which can be used to get the jobs approved by the customers on-site. The Audio Approval feature allows your customers to approve the job verbally by recording audio of up to 10 seconds. Your clients can also use the Email and SMS Approval features to approve the job by clicking on a link. Once the job is completed, your customers can use the Signature Approval feature to sign off the completed job.

Empower your Mobile Workers with Mobile Job Management Software!

Our Mobile App allows mobile workers to manage their schedules and get rid of the paperwork. Our Mobile Job Management Software provides a digital platform where your tradies can manage their jobs from the field and get the jobs approved by your clients.

Eworks Manager’s Mobile Job Management system is an all-in-one solution that allows you to keep track of job progress and helps in coordinating your admin staff with the field workers. Try our system for a 14-day free trial, and see how it can transform the way you do business.

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