Reasons to trust in Preventive Maintenance Software

Equipment breakdowns are unavoidable, and at some stage, all your assets will need to be repaired. The key to avoiding downtime and extending the life of your assets is preventive maintenance.


Preventive maintenance is necessary to keep your vehicles, equipment, machines, and other valuable business assets in working condition to prevent breakdowns that could lead to downtime. But when you’re focused on managing your workforce, scheduling jobs, and keeping customers happy, it’s easy to overlook asset maintenance.


If you’re scheduling maintenance manually, there’s a chance you could make a mistake that could cost your business. If you’re reading this and already feeling overwhelmed about your preventive maintenance strategy, perhaps it’s time to invest in Preventive Maintenance Software.

What is Preventive Maintenance Software?

Preventive Maintenance Software is a tool that helps you create and manage your preventative maintenance strategy by scheduling maintenance for your assets, as well as recurring jobs to increase the longevity of your equipment. Industries that can benefit from using Preventive Maintenance Software include construction, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and any industry where equipment needs to be maintained to avoid downtime.

Why should my business invest in Preventive Maintenance Software?

Preventive Maintenance Software is valuable for many reasons, but we’ve put together the top four, including the benefits of investing in Eworks Manager.

Schedule preventative maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Software simplifies your maintenance schedule. You can schedule maintenance jobs in advance and create recurring jobs for assets to be maintained weekly, monthly, or annually. Regular maintenance jobs can also be automatically assigned to the same technician every time. There’s no need to send reminders to technicians for recurring jobs, as they can use the calendar feature on our Mobile App to find all maintenance jobs assigned to them. With Eworks Manager, you can plan to make sure your assets are ready for every project.

Reduce unplanned downtime

It’s possible to reduce unplanned downtime with Preventive Maintenance Software. With our system, you can view all the materials and assets required for every job and schedule maintenance before the time to make sure your technicians have the equipment they need, reducing unplanned downtime. With efficient Maintenance Scheduling Software, all your assets will be in working condition, decreasing the possibility of breakdowns.

Improve the safety and reliability of assets

Assets that aren’t regularly maintained or serviced can be dangerous for your team to use. Unreliable equipment could lead to an accident, leaving you a man down and reducing your productivity. Your team may even decide to down tools if they feel that their working environment is unsafe. Using Preventive Maintenance Software can improve the safety and reliability of your assets, making sure your vehicles, machines, equipment, and other assets are safe to use.

Avoid costly repairs or replacements

If you’re not scheduling maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your assets, your equipment could fail unexpectedly. Unforeseen equipment failure can be expensive, as you may need to replace equipment or wait for new parts or machinery to arrive. If your business can’t afford to replace or repair your assets, the loss of productivity could be detrimental. To avoid costly repairs and replacements, use Eworks Manager to schedule and assign maintenance jobs to available technicians. With our Time Planner, there’s no chance you’ll double-book technicians for maintenance jobs, as our software has been designed to consider all employee schedules.

Don’t rely on your intuition or a manual system to plan preventive asset maintenance. Choose our Preventive Maintenance Software to extend the life of your assets and keep your business operations going. Book a demo or sign up for a 14-day, no-obligation, free trial to learn more about our system.

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