Be inspired by these blooming brilliant landscaping trends for 2022

Are you looking for inspiration for next year's landscaping projects? Or are you simply looking for new ways to attract new customers to grow your business? We've got the inspiration you need for the new year! Take a look at the blooming brilliant landscaping trends you can expect to see sprouting from gorgeous landscapes and gardens across the country in 2022.

Kitchen gardens

The popularity of kitchen gardens grew during the pandemic, as people spent more time in the garden and the kitchen. With more time to prepare home-cooked meals, people realised how important it is to cook with fresh ingredients, and so they started growing herbs, fruit and vegetables. Since then, kitchen gardens have become fashionable - not just for clients who enjoy gardening but also for the everyday homeowner.

Outdoor living areas

Entertaining outdoors reduces the risk of spreading COVID-19, and there's more space for social distancing. As homeowners start hosting gatherings again, they'll start looking for ways to expand and improve their outdoor living areas. For alfresco dining experiences, outdoor kitchens will become a must-have, with options for more than just a barbecue, including pizza ovens, smokers, and power burners. It's not only about creating a functional space but a charming one too. Other outdoor living trends for 2022 include modular furniture in neutral colours, daybeds, gazebos, and pergolas.

Native plants

Instead of choosing exotic plants, landscapers are planting more native plants as they are low maintenance. They can survive low temperatures, droughts, and poor soil as they've adapted to the environment and climate changes. They, therefore, need less water and fertiliser, which saves money, time and resources. Native plants support the ecosystem, a habitat for local wildlife, nectar for bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds and bats.

Wild gardens

For a breathtaking garden that doesn't require a green thumb, look no further than wild gardens. To create this look, landscapers and gardeners plant a variety of wildflowers and leave them to grow with little intervention. This method makes the garden look like a natural meadow. Wildflowers are low maintenance yet create a romantic look that many clients wish to achieve.


Garden ponds may not be a novel idea, but just like native plants, this trend is inspired by nature. Ponds will become a popular feature in 2022 as property owners try to bring local wildlife back into their gardens, including frogs, toads, insects and birds. These natural water features provide food and water for these animals, encouraging them to make the pond their home. The sound of water is considered very relaxing, and after a trying 2021, adding a pond to a garden or landscape can create a tranquil escape.

Green landscaping

Landscaping is no longer only about creating aesthetically-pleasing gardens and landscapes. Customers are looking for beautiful, eco-friendly designs that are good for people and the environment and save power, time, and money. Landscapers choose to use fewer chemical fertilisers and pesticides to protect wildlife, recycled materials for paving and fencing, manual tools to reduce fuel emissions, and plant native plants.

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