Is Job Management Software really necessary?

Job Management Systems handle a lot of the heavy lifting in the workplace. It allows you to organise and automate various daily tasks and provide a common platform for your office and mobile workers.

From the first quote to the final billing, Eworks Manager's Job Management System keeps track of your jobs. It "connects" with your network ecology, freeing you from the groundwork required by your business.

What is Job Management Software?

A Job Management System is a unified system for managing all operations in a job cycle and continuously improving business operations by leveraging insights from jobs.

To complete activities and record job information while optimising your workflow, Job Management Systems necessitate the strategic use of procedures and technology. Eworks Manager constantly uses data to help you choose, prioritise, and improve activities in order to maximise business performance and profitability. It assists you in optimising the execution of each phase of your operation so that you can perform tasks quickly and accurately.

The right Job Management System for your company could determine your success. Incorrect software can waste time and lead to the loss of jobs and information, as well as the mismanagement of employees and expenses, and, worst of all, face-to-face communication. You can update customer information, work orders, and quotation requests while planning and assigning the job to the relevant team if you have the right system in place. On the day of completion, labour, materials, and other costs will be recorded and charged. No duplicate entries are created because Eworks Manager synchronises with Xero, Sage, and Quickbooks.

What can a Job Management System do for you?

Reduce manual procedures and other inefficiencies in your firm to reduce stress. Our cloud-based Task Management Solution allows you to follow service work from a desktop computer or a mobile device. Your entire operation will be streamlined thanks to our effective system that is tailored to satisfy all of your tradie's needs.

Easily manage job work schedules

With one dashboard, you can simply plan people or teams, as well as designate preferred field staff for certain projects in bulk. You can use in-app alerts to notify your team about scheduling changes. To find out who is accessible and when, select a day, week, or month view. To improve efficiency, assign resources based on their availability and location.

Improve customer and staff communications

Automate appointment reminders, unpaid invoice notices, and work completion messages to keep customers informed and improve customer service. Using the SMS add-on, you can send text messages directly from our communication platform. Ensure your employees are kept up to date with real-time notifications via push notifications, SMS, email, or desktop alerts.

Paperless management in the field

Allow field workers to manage the administrative portion of their jobs with the appropriate technologies. The Mobile App gives your field staff quick access to a site's history, jobs, attachments, and more. Field employees can use their mobile device or tablet to record task information, track time and materials, create professional quotes, and collect payments.

From the initial quote through actual billing, our sophisticated cloud-based Task Management System facilitates and monitors all activities. The administration of daily activities has never been more easier.

Job Management Systems include features for efficiently uploading imports, managing jobs, scheduling, accurate work hour monitoring, GPS tracking, ordering materials, invoicing, and on-site payment.

Your field technicians can share job information with the office team immediately via cellphones or mobile devices, saving time, reducing paperwork, and avoiding costly mistakes. You'll always know where your workers are, what they're working on, and when they'll be finished.

So what are you waiting for? If your tradie business needs that extra kick in the right direction, get yourself Eworks Manager's Job Management Software and watch your business grow to new heights. Give our software a try with our 14-day free trial.

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