Field Service Software is all a Field Service Business needs to succeed

Eworks Manager's Field Service Software is a terrific paperless solution that may help you schedule jobs, track your workers' working hours, assign jobs to them, and invoice your clients for completed projects.

Upgrade your Service Business with Eworks Manager's Field Service Software

Create and Manage Recurring Jobs

Eworks Manager's Field Service Software allows you to develop recurring jobs. To establish a recurring job, you must first choose a recurrence rule, and then our system will automatically produce jobs for you depending on the recurrence rule you chose.

Manage your Stock Efficiently

When your workers leave for a job site, Eworks Manager's Stock Management Software ensures that they have all the supplies they need. Our system also assists your admin team in checking the materials accessible in your workers' vehicles. If he doesn't have the materials, your admin staff advises your mobile worker to go to the warehouse and get the goods. If the warehouse does not have the essential items, your employees could contact a supplier to obtain them.

Keep Track of Your Assets

With Eworks Manager's Asset Management Software, you can effortlessly track and manage your assets. Our system allows you to see a full history of your assets. You can use the history to identify assets that require maintenance and then set up maintenance schedules for them. The smooth operation of your assets is ensured by timely maintenance.

Track your Workforce Easily

Eworks Manager's Field Service Software allows you to keep an eye on your field workers by enabling you to track them while they are out in the field. Our field service app allows your employees to keep you informed about job progress. With the help of a timer, you can calculate how much time your worker spends travelling to the job site and how much time he spends on the working site.

Eworks Manager's Preventive Maintenance Software allows you to manage and monitor your employees using live mobile monitoring and vehicle tracking tools. The live mobile tracking tool allows you to track your workers' devices while they are out in the field, allowing you to locate them. You can track down where your employees are, how much time they spend on each working location, and when they leave. By assigning a new job to the worker closest to the job site, you can also save money on travel and fuel. The vehicle tracking tool allows you to see the details of your driver's travel.

Streamline your Workflow

Our Field Service Software helps you enhance your company's efficiency by allowing you to track delays and swiftly fix concerns. The majority of delays arise when your employees require more materials to complete a task. Your admin staff is notified via automatic updates if your workers do not have the needed stock, allowing them to order the items promptly.

Attach Documents to your Assets

Using our mobile app, you can simply attach papers to your assets no matter where you are. With the aid of our mobile app, your mobile workers may complete certificates against assets anywhere, at any time.

Manage your Business Efficiently

Our Preventative Maintenance Software allows you to convert from manual to digital processes, allowing you to streamline your operation. You can insert an unlimited number of contractors to Eworks Manager, and you can send job details to them via email. Our system makes it simple for contractors to authorize work.

Ensure the Availability of Stock at Each Location

To keep your business running efficiently, make sure that each facility has enough inventory. If a specific site lacks the materials needed to perform a job, your administrative team will rapidly produce picking lists to shift stock to the required location so that the job can be finished on time. Our inventory management tool allows you to capture invoices from your suppliers using your mobile.

Manage Time Smartly

Our field service software makes it simple for you to manage your time effectively. Our time planner lets you see what jobs are scheduled for the day, week, or month. You may effortlessly assign jobs to your workers with the help of our time planner, preventing any errors or confusion.

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