Streamline Operations with Job Management Software for Electricians

Eworks Manager's all-in-one Job Management Software was designed with the electrical service industry and contractors in mind. This programme may be used to record customer information, dispatch electricians to customer sites, issue estimates and invoices to clients, and accept payments on the spot.

The Benefits of Job Management Software for Electricians:

Streamline Your Service Operations

Job Management Software can completely automate your electricians' service operations, such as reactive maintenance, scheduled light testing, and more. Planned service schedules can be quickly generated for the upcoming months.

Organise and Book Jobs in Minutes

Your sparkies' jobs can be scheduled in minutes, thanks to our simple drag-and-drop scheduling. Electricians may receive notifications regarding planned and rescheduled tasks from admin personnel via the Eworks Manager Job Scheduling App. Your sparkies may view their full diary and be totally in sync with your team no matter where they are with Electrical Software.

Automatic Reminders

Automated inspection reminders can be sent to customers by creating repeat inspections and services in the scheduling system calendar, which helps inform them if an electrical service is due. Service reminders can be set up to recur at any time interval using task management software. Clients can be retained, and repeat revenue could be generated by this method of automatic inspection reminders.

Keep Track of Your Sparkies

Using Eworks Manager's Job Management Software for electricians, you can keep track of all your sparkies' whereabouts as well as the projects they are working on. Using our built-in job tracker, you can simply follow and manage your employees in the field.

The office admin staff may view all work schedules, as well as current job status and location. Electricians and customers can communicate through the trigger and notification section on the system. If a recommendation is added from the site or if any extra components are required to finish the project, your office personnel are immediately notified via the mobile app.

Design Custom Digital Inspection Forms

Completing inspection documentation is a regular part of an electrician's day-to-day work. Custom forms might be created with the assistance of Job Management Software. You have access to all of the tools you need to create a professional form that meets the demands of your business.

The mobile app makes it possible to fill out documents in the field in a matter of minutes. Forms can be saved as PDF documents and emailed to consumers directly. As proof of the completed inspection and job, digital signatures may be acquired from both the electrician and the customer.

Real-time Updates

Real-time updates keep you on top of every job and simplify the job management process by allowing your team to schedule, dispatch, and complete appointments. New and updated appointment notifications may be received immediately by electricians in the field, allowing them to respond swiftly or as scheduled. A cloud-based system enables any changes to be made apparent in real-time, eliminating confusion or over-scheduling.

Streamlines Job planning and Time Management

Schedule new jobs using the admin system's job planner. For each planned job, jobs can be added to the digital timesheet ahead of time. Job Management Software is an incredible tool for optimising time management and job planning. Because all timesheets are digital, they can be easily edited while on the move. Because all these jobs are logged in the system and reappear closer to the appointment time, an electrician can simply be assigned to the recurring job.

Save an extra hour of your job every day by making use of Eworks Manager's Job Management Software for electricians and keep an eye on the completed and outstanding jobs by your electricians out in the field. Try a 14-day free trial today, and see how our all-in-one job management system can streamline your electrical business.

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