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Electrical Business Software - Field Service & Job Management Software for the Electrical Industry

How Can Electricians Benefit from Eworks Manager's Electrical Business Software?

Are you looking to boost your electrical company's performance? Our software and app consolidate all of your information in one convenient location, allowing you to concentrate on more important tasks.

Managing your team as an electrician can be a challenging job. Particularly when it comes to organising all of those electrical rewires and certificates. However, using Eworks Manager, a leading Job Management Software, makes even the most challenging tasks easier to complete, allowing you to stay organised and efficient in your company.

When your team is sent to repair electrical issues for customers, you need to insure that they complete their appointments as quickly as possible. To do so, you need to change the way you organise and delegate jobs, as well as the way your employees provide input on their work. If you're looking for a system to assist you in accomplishing this, our software can assist you regardless of the scale of your company or team.

Delegate New Tasks from Your Desktop, Mobile Device, or Tablet

Improve work efficiency and profitability by managing your team, sales, and employees.

Use our mobile app to complete electrical certificates

Any of your valuable documents, including certificates, can be digitised. Your electricians could access these certificates through the Mobile App and fill them out on the job. You never have to keep any papers since these mobile records are stored electronically in the system.

Schedule jobs with ease

With Eworks Manager, you can allocate your electricians based on their locations or availability, or use our Smart or Auto Planning features to have our system schedule them out for you. Our Staff Scheduling Software provides a time planner and a geo planning feature to help you handle various schedules. Whatever your task planning needs are, we've got you covered.

Track your electricians in the field

Vehicle tracking and live mobile tracking are also available. Both options allow you to see the electricians' current position and receive automatic job progress updates.

Vehicle Tracking comes with Fleet Management functionality, such as the ability to produce driving activity reports, mileage reports, and journey reports, among other things.

Our Live Mobile Tracking keeps track of your technicians' whereabouts while they're on the go. You will see where your electricians are located and how long they spend there. You may also quickly determine who is nearest to any potential available jobs.

Ensure health and safety regulations are followed using questionnaires

Establishing a Field Service Questionnaire for your electricians to complete on-site or for customers to complete for feedback will provide you with a wealth of information about your business. When you need to make sure that every electrician meets Health and Safety standards on a regular basis, the questionnaire feature comes in handy. A questionnaire might, for example, ask if your electricians are wearing safety gear when they arrive on-site. The questionnaire feature is great for getting more information from appointments, electricians, or clients.

Automated job costing – invoice immediately

Our Invoice Management Software allows you to track and edit draft invoices when on the go. You may also send invoices directly to your clients or alter an invoice's status.

Save time by generating and managing invoices directly from the Mobile App, and sending invoices as soon as jobs are completed.

Track Leads and Quote On-site

Eworks Manager enables you to gather and manage all of your potential client details.

Prospect management has never been simpler. From your desktop or the mobile app, you can convert leads to estimates or quote clients right away. Keep track of each estimate's progress and turn approved quotes into jobs for easy planning.

Electrical Business Software FAQs

1How will Electrical Software benefit my business?

As an employer, you have a lot of duties to perform in order to keep the organisation running smoothly. Anything from assigning jobs, sending out estimates, monitoring your electricians, and invoicing will be simplified with our Electrical Business Software.

Why you should be using electrical engineering software?

2How will Electrical Business Software benefit my Electricians?

Your electricians will be able to concentrate more on their jobs and less on paperwork. Our mobile app automates timekeeping, provides real-time job status alerts to the office, and eliminates all paperwork from the field.

Find out how we can benefit your Electrical business.

3What can I do with Electrical Business Software?
Create electrical jobs or work sheets, delegate jobs to a larger project, or create several trade jobs from the admin system or app. A real-time dashboard is included in our Workforce Planning Software to display both active and future appointments, as well as their status.
4Can I monitor my Electricians?
Our Employee Monitoring Software helps you to keep track of where your electricians are and send them directions to their next job.
5Does Electrical Business Software improve efficiency?

The Field Service & Job Management Software from Eworks Manager was developed to maximise the productivity of your entire company and increase the effectiveness of your team. One of the best features of our system is that we can help your company go digital. The system is accessible on the Admin Side, which is commonly used by your office workers, and the Mobile App, which was created specifically for your team of electrical engineers. The app allows mobile employees to manage everything in one place, allowing them to spend more time on their jobs.

Why our Electrical Engineering Software is so good?

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