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Eworks Manager and the Plumbing Industry

Finding the most reliable way to improve your plumbing business’s service can be challenging. Costly investments that show no real results can be a waste of time and money. There’s also a risk of making changes to your business that could hurt your company if your clients do not appreciate them. However, the right adjustments can lead to incredible outcomes. With the right changes, you could see an improvement in productivity and profit margins, something no company can turn down.

Our Field Service Management Software can be that change for your business; a way of improving your entire team’s efficiency without costing an arm and a leg. Eworks Manager effectively brings Field Service Management and your Plumbing Business together into one efficient system. Our Job Management System is a software that can be installed on computers, laptops and tablets. Your company can use the system to share information locally on the system, or to your plumbers in the field, via our Job Scheduling App. The Mobile App’s purpose is to connect all of your plumbing technicians no matter where they are. When you adopt this technology, it can profoundly change your business’s organisation and communications for the better.

Added Benefits of Eworks Manager and Field Service Management to the Plumbing Industry

Eworks Manager’s Field Service Management software provides a platform for your admin team and all of your plumbers to stay in contact at all times. A supervisor can easily log in and see all jobs that are currently active with our job tracking software. He can also move appointments around, re-assign them to other plumbers, and keep in contact with plumbers in the field in real-time.

With excellent quality Field Service Management software, you can optimise your workforce’s efficiency by organising their schedules and staying in contact with them throughout the day. Our Job Management System offers more flexibility and centralised information for your team, improves customer service and communications with a CRM System, and boosts efficiency levels.

Our cloud-based system stores your customers’ history logs. Your system will also store all of your invoices, payments, estimates and quotes. Eworks Manager also offers a service to digitise any of your required company documents, so that your plumbers can take digital copies with them to fill out on the job. Having mobile documents is a great paperless solution for keeping compliance certificates on-hand too.

Introducing Field Service Management Software to your plumbing company can increase cash flow, employee efficiency, and profit. Eworks Manager and the Plumbing Industry are the perfect match. Check out our Plumbing Software and try out our system today for a 14-day free trial.

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