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Start Using Software To Measure Unproductive Technicians

Organisations in the field service industry are constantly working to increase technician productivity. It is a fundamental requirement and expectation of any field service investment. Business strategies are often developed based on anticipated increases in productivity, and decisions are based primarily on the productivity of their employees.

Why Productivity Is Important

Is it really necessary to measure how productive a service technician is in a day? Although everyone has bad days, tracking productivity is important. What is the aim of measuring output in the service industry?

Consider this: if you bought a new piece of equipment for your company, you would make certain that it worked properly. Salaries are the highest overall expense in a field service business. Your technicians' efficiency is also significant because a productive workplace promotes stronger employee relationships and a better reputation in the public eye.

Increase Productivity by Equipping Technicians with the Right Tools

When technicians cannot handle jobs or assets efficiently, they become unproductive, and an unproductive employee could cost the company time and money. Although technicians can need specialized equipment for repairs, they need an effective job management system. A job scheduling and management system that organizes work orders to make a technician's day easier and identifies the need for assets will also help avoid issues that can cause delays.

Reduce non-productive time spent on paperwork, administrative duties, or other non-productive tasks. Companies view driving time as unproductive in some instances and seek to minimize it by better scheduling or routing. In other industries, drive time is billable and hence considered efficient in terms of revenue generation.

Monitor Your Team and Measure Unproductive Technicians with Eworks Manager

Eworks Manager's Job Management System includes the features needed to monitor and improve the productivity of your field staff. You will have complete visibility into the workforce's movements and job progress with our software. With an all-in-one system, your business can easily measure unproductive technicians and plan your team's jobs properly.

Your technicians can save time searching for details in work orders, product details, instruction manuals, digital certificates and other documents, as they can access all of this information via the Eworks Manager Job Scheduling App. They can easily pull up a service history on a specific asset or an asset installed at a customer's site. 

Planning Systems are an excellent way to associate office managers and supervisors with field employees. Our mobile app provides real-time updates and reminders, as well as the ability for your on-site team to review job statuses via their smartphones. A status change notifies the office managers right away.

Eworks Manager's system also offers a Planning Software feature that allows you to easily assess each technician's current availability, allowing you to plan for delays or schedule additional work if jobs are completed quickly. By keeping track of your job schedules and field staff, our Geo-Planner app increases performance and productivity.

Our admin system includes a Live Panel, which most of our clients view on a TV or PC in the office. It enables the team to track jobs and employees so that they can interfere when your technicians are unable to access a site or when projects are running late. This function speeds up the completion of administrative tasks. The live panel also helps you to respond to your technicians immediately and handle any problems that arise.

Our Job Tracking Software removes the need for you to follow up with your field staff. You can easily monitor them in real-time and keep track of all the other tasks the team has completed!

If you run a field service business with many employees, and you want to keep track of everyone's performance, measure unproductive technicians and ensure your team are working at maximum efficiency, try Eworks Manager's 14-day free trial today. You can also schedule a free demonstration of the software and find out how our system can transform your business.

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