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Measure Unproductive Technicians with Our Business Management App

Successful owners strive to maximise their profits and minimise their expenses by making better use of their resources. So, how is it possible to recognise when workers are inefficient with their time? Productivity is not easy to track, particularly when your team are out in the field. Eworks Manager's Business Management App solves these problems quickly.

Wasted Travel Time Can Be Identified

Mobile workers can take longer routes to jobs, run private shifts during work hours, or claim to have travelled to places they haven't been to. Luckily, our Business Management System has a vehicle tracking software that tracks your mobile workers' routes, the speed at which they drive, and the total journey time. It can also monitor how long they're parking for and how long it takes them to move between clients.

Wasted Time On Paperwork Can Be Avoided

Sometimes workers will procrastinate their paperwork in order to avoid the work at hand. You can quickly resolve this issue by cutting out paperwork and switching to our mobile app. Our Job Scheduling App takes very little effort and is easy to use. Compliance forms can be filled out in the field so there's no reason for any delays from your mobile workers.

Measure Time Spent on Projects

There are instances where projects will take longer than planned, but how can you know for sure when your workforce is wasting time on the job or not? Our app tracks what is being done on every task. Our project management software monitors how long it takes the tradies to do work. This gives you the ability to analyze the level of efficiency of each worker. It may be because they chat too much with customers or waste private time on their phones instead of doing the job and moving to the next one.

Eworks Manager's App provides the features required to monitor the productivity of your field worker. With our Software, you will have full access to the movements of your workforce. This helps you keep track of them all day without being physically beside them.

For more information about how to measure unproductive technicians and our Business Management App, contact us today. Also feel free to start your 14-day free trial and see what makes Eworks Manager an award-winning software system.

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