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Seamless Commercial Property Management Software

Property Management Software is an efficient, adaptable, and user-friendly solution for streamlining site or building management processes so you can concentrate on customer experience and portfolio development. Our system is designed to accommodate both large and small portfolios, with one shared purpose in mind: to provide landlords, tenants, and your company with better management and excellent performance.

How can Eworks Manager benefit your Property Management company?

If you operate a property management firm, it might be challenging to organise your business demands, especially if you are responsible for multiple properties. You'll need property management software to improve control and proper administration. This software will help you change the structure of your firm, increase efficiency, and streamline all business procedures.

With Eworks Manager's industry-leading Job Management Software, you will have total control over your property management firm. You can use our full-featured system both at work and via our mobile app. Both are intended for Property Management companies as well as other types of trade and service industries.

Features of Our Property Management Software That Will Assist Your Business:

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

You can generate recurring services for clients that utilise your services regularly. When a property's assets, like air conditioners, for example, require a service every few months, you can create a job and specify a recurrence rule that meets your requirements; this sets up the service jobs in the system calendar automatically on a regular, weekly, or monthly basis.

Manage Your Contractors

Stay on top of the contractors and subcontractors that are working on your sites. Eworks Manager can now support contractors thanks to our contractor plugin and project planning software!
Rather than creating user accounts for your contractors, we provide an add-on to our system that allows you to connect an unlimited number of contractors to the system and email job information directly to them. Contractors can both authorise and accept jobs through this portal.

Communicate Better with Tenants

Allow clients to request call-outs via the customer portal. When you provide residents access to the customer login site, they can request quotations, create new jobs, and follow up on the progress of their jobs.
They may also view and add to any comments made in the CRM system, making communication between you and your tenants more straightforward.

Asset Management Across All of Your Properties

Organise your assets using our property asset management software. Manage your buildings' regular and urgent work, asset invoices, recurring invoices, and maintenance services.
Keep track of your company's assets, such as equipment, machinery, vehicles, as well as your customer's assets. This includes anything from geysers to air conditioners and any other equipment that a customer needs regular maintenance.

Stay On Top Of Project Invoices

Jobs associated with a project might be charged for the entire project or each job separately. With Eworks Manager's Project Management Software, you may examine all of the tasks for a project, track the progress of each job, and send out invoices using the electronic project sheet. You can easily monitor costs via the admin system or on-site using the Eworks Manager Mobile App.

Our Property Management Software is ideal for keeping tabs on multiple sites and dealing with all your clients from one efficient system. Our system is designed to save you time and effectively organise your entire workflow from an all-in-one solution.

Our Mobile Job Scheduling App is perfect for your team working on multiple sites, streamlining communications and making it much easier to manage everyone's jobs at once. Try Eworks Manager for a 14-day free trial, and see how our system can transform the way you manage your business!

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