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The Benefits of Mobile Inventory Software

Technical service organisations that are struggling to handle stock movement in the field will benefit from Mobile Inventory Software.

Inventory systems are used by businesses with substantial stock portfolios to manage all of their stock as it reaches and exits their warehouse. The problem of keeping track of the staff who are removing or transferring the stock occurs as a result. Smaller companies face the same problem, with smaller quantities of stock in a storeroom not being correctly handled.

Engineers' vans function similarly to mobile warehouses. When jobs are finished, stock is added and withdrawn on a daily basis. Company owners frequently ignore the drawbacks of not recording stock until it is shipped to the customer's location. While a single item getting lost may not sound like much, but a single item going missing every month can amount to a good couple of thousands. This is where corporations go overboard to make up for "lost" objects. Managing your stock in a controlled and uniform manner can make all the difference between a struggling company and one which is thriving and generate good profits.

The Benefits of Mobile Inventory Software:

Minimise Overspending

If you don't keep track of your inventory on a daily basis, you risk ordering products that you already have or fail to replenish those items. Overspending, overstocking, and failing to order stock can all be minimised by using mobile inventory software. Technicians will be able to see what stock quantities are available as well as where the surplus stock might be. They'll also be able to see if the stock is in another employee's van or in the main warehouse. Each transaction can be recorded by your mobile workers, resulting in a much more productive job flow. Our Mobile App for Inventory Management helps you keep track of your inventory to prevent long-term risks.

Saves Time

Knowing what inventory is already on hand helps field staff know when to place new orders with suppliers, saving time from tracking down stock at the last minute. Mobile field workers can no longer be held up searching for stock or supplies due to Mobile Stock Management Software. Stock is purchased, shipped, and collected using a digital system, allowing the mobile employees to continue working without interruption.

Work on the Go

Your mobile employees will be able to capture a collection using the inventory system straight from their phones. Mobile Stock Management Software will allow your field workers to create picking lists for themselves while maintaining a detailed log of all purchases made. This includes if they decide to return stock to the warehouse or if another team member is running low on supplies. Field staff may enter data at the source, eliminating a lot of the administrative time and documentation that often comes with stock control.

Eworks Manager's Mobile Inventory Software can provide all of these advantages while also integrating with our full-featured Field Service and Job Management Software to monitor and document which items are being used for every job.

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