Take your Business to the Next Level by Switching to Business Management Software

Eworks Manager’s Business Management Software helps you to improve the efficiency of your business by allowing you to automate your business operations. The software helps in eliminating errors, completing business tasks, reporting activities, and boosts up the productivity of your business.

How Can Eworks Manager’s Business Management Software Help You to Improve the Efficiency of Your Business?

Plan Job Schedules Smartly

Our Job Management Software lets you assign jobs to your workers smartly. You can either use our admin system or our mobile app to plan your job schedules. With the help of our time planner feature, you can easily find out who is available for a new job and then assign the job to the available worker.

You can use the drag and drop feature offered by our ERP Software to allocate jobs to your workers efficiently. As soon as a job is assigned to a worker, he gets a notification of it on his mobile device via our mobile app, along with all the details of the assigned task.

Track your Workers in Real-Time

You can easily track your workers by using our Fleet Management Software. Our software provides you with a map that you can use to locate your workers. Our system helps you to minimise fuel and travel costs by allowing you to locate and assign a new job to the worker who is nearest to the job site. You can get all the details of your worker’s journey, like when he is on-route, on-site, and when he completes a task via alerts generated by our system.

Our Workforce Planning Software offers you a variety of useful features like live mobile tracking and geo route planner that can be used to track your workers in real-time.

Manage your Leads in a Better Way

Our ERP software lets you manage your leads in an innovative and effective manner. You do not have to waste your time importing every single lead separately, as you can easily import them all at once with the help of our software. Our system also allows you to convert leads into quotes.

Manage your Assets and Inventory

You can use our Asset Management Software to track and manage your assets. Our software helps you to track the distribution, location, and organisation of your machinery and equipment by providing you with a detailed history of all of your assets. You can also manage your inventory by using our inventory management feature. With the help of this feature, you can easily track and manage your deliveries, collections, and warehouse processes.

Keep Track of your Drivers with Journey Reports

Our Vehicle Tracking Software helps you to keep an eye on your drivers by providing you with detailed journey reports. The reports include information like mileage, journey, speeding, and user. You can use this information to track and monitor your drivers efficiently.

Track the Working Hours of your Drivers Accurately

You can deactivate tracking after working hours so that you can track the working hours of your drivers accurately. If your drivers operate personal vehicles, then it can be disturbing for them if tracking continues even after office hours and also results in ineffective tracking of working hours of a driver. With Eworks Manager’s Fleet Management Software in place, you do not have to worry about these problems as it allows you to deactivate tracking after office hours.

Receive Real-Time Updates

Our workforce planning software helps you to stay updated all the time by allowing you to receive real-time updates. Whenever a job is completed, put on hold, or handed back to the office, the admin staff is informed about it through live notifications. As soon as a job is completed, your worker can send it for invoicing right away.

A Single Platform to Manage your Finances and Sales

Eworks Manager’s Business Management Software provides you with a single, central platform from where you can easily track and manage your invoices, expenses, and quotes. Our software allows you to manage your business operations in an efficient manner by allowing you to store all of your information in a single place.

Eworks Manager’s Business Management Software has all the features that your business requires to grow. Start a 14-day free trial today.

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