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How Are Manual Job Sheets Damaging Your Business?

The method of monitoring work hours and stock control has always been a complex process.  Over the years, different solutions have been developed to resolve these aspects in a less time-consuming, manual manner. But, while some progress has been made, these solutions are still inadequate to provide reliable management reporting.

Companies are now gradually starting to integrate software with new clock terminals and job tracking software to more accurately track employee attendance and stock levels.

Even the smallest companies need to incorporate a type of stock management software that keeps the inventory count correct. Decisions are also made between using a digital system and a manual inventory management system.

Manual inventory methods are typically time-consuming. They need constant monitoring to ensure that each transaction is accounted for. As well as this, each stock item has to be managed manually to ensure stock levels don't deplete. It is also more difficult to share inventory information within the business: lack of computerisation makes access to inventory records difficult. The time your employees spent on manually tracking inventory levels could rather be used for other profitable business activities.

Job Management Software from Eworks Manager makes it easier to handle and benefit from timesheets. Job costing and monitoring are both built-in, and the system also helps you to calculate booked hours and hours worked. Also, you can add stock items at any time during your work. The database keeps all your timesheets in the system for as long as they are used. You may also refer to them at any time.

The Primary Disadvantages of Using Manual Job Sheets

  • The potential for human error – When you rely on manually entering details on timesheets, there is always the potential for human error. Workers can enter their time incorrectly, or information could be incorrectly entered into your payroll accounting software. These mistakes are typical in the workplace when manual attendance monitoring solutions and timecards are used.
  • Employee Time Theft – Manual timesheets and punch cards do not deter time theft or a colleague from punching in. With manual time monitoring, an employee may use another colleague's punch card to clock them in for their shift. You may prevent this problem with our job management software.
  • Tracking Manual Job Sheets – Managing manual job sheets often requires a lot of time. Various individuals and departments are responsible for coordinating the flow of timesheets. With our job management software, your administrators would be better able to spend this time elsewhere.
  • Inefficient – Out-dated handwritten time sheets are very inefficient as opposed to digital time sheets in a software platform. Productivity is a certainty when using a job management system.

With advancement in technology and in the field of job management software, the productivity and profitability of a company can greatly improve. For this reason, and so many more, manual timesheets are a thing of the past, and job tracking software is a major game changer.

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