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Evolve your Business with our Job Management Software

Many businesses across industries today face challenges in managing and maintaining their mobile technicians. They need the means to monitor their workforce and record their completed jobs during the workday. Timesheet Software is a great solution for any field service business, as it can do all of this and more. This software has the ability to develop and streamline your business and help things run smoothly.

It’s a familiar narrative: the client booked an appointment for a technician to do a repair job and was said to arrive between 12 and three o’clock. It’s getting late, and there’s still no sign of the technician. The client calls the company, and they apologise for the delay. Because the technician is a contractor, they don’t know his whereabouts. This is a poor reflection of service and communication for the company.

Another issue could arise as the technician arrives late. He looks at the problem only to find he doesn’t have the right parts or tools in his van to fix the problem, and he’ll have to come back a second time. What does the appointment cost? The technician isn’t sure as he doesn’t do the quoting or invoicing.

This may sound like a story about bad customer service, but at a practical level, it may sound all too familiar to many service or trades businesses. It’s the classic example of a service technician working without the proper tools, and there is a lack of communication between the company, the tech, and the client. Companies that have shifted from a manual, paper-based workflow to Job Management Software have a more streamlined process. Job management software can help your company avoid most, if not all, of these time management and communication issues.

How Eworks Manager Can Help Evolve Your Business to Better Manage Staff with Job Management Software

It’s essential to keep track of workers when they are out in the field. Losing working hours is the leading cause of jobs running behind schedule, which can increase job costs. With Eworks Manager’s Job Sheet software, you can keep track of every job’s aspects, every staff member’s job progress in the field, all from one system.

Eworks Manager lets you view all of your jobs in progress, at any time, using Job Tracking Software. The system will show you where your staff are in the field and easily plan reactive situations. We also offer a direct message feature that allows you to keep your team and customers updated regarding a technician’s progress and estimated arrival time.

All of your technicians can complete digital timesheets from our convenient Mobile Job Scheduling App. If any of your company documents or certificates are required for jobs in the field, Eworks Manager can digitise them into mobile documents for your team. When your team have digital documents on-hand, it speeds up the process from job completion to invoicing the job.

What’s very important to note is that high-performance organisations can work better because a job management system helps them use a real-time and proactive strategy for job management.

If you would like to evolve your business with Job Management Software, contact us today. Also, feel free to try our 14-day free trial of our award-winning software.

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