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Automate Daily Operations Using Business Software for Electricians

What is Business Software for Electricians?

Business Software is a system that is specially designed for the electrical service business industry which allows you to manage all your tasks and jobs in one place. An all-in-one Job Management System will enable you to record customer details, electricians can be dispatched to the customer sites within seconds, you could send quotes and invoices to the customers, and take payments on the spot. This software could streamline your electrical business's operations and maximise your profits.

Advantages of using Business Software for Electricians:

Improves every aspect of your Electrical Business:

Our business software is specially designed to improve the workflow of electricians out in the field. When your electricians work productivity improves, it automatically contributes to the overall growth of your business. Whether it's collecting the customer's details, dispatching electricians to sites, sending out estimates, quotes or invoices, everything is managed and well organized in a single system.

Easy Scheduling:

If you run an electrical business and manage it yourself or with a management team, you will be familiar with the problems that come with scheduling and assigning work to sparkies at the right times. To win this battle, you need to be prepared to use the latest tools to keep updated and improve efficiency.

Our software can help you tackle these kinds of tasks by selecting the most suitable field technician available within your team. You can easily track each electricians' job statuses while they are out in the field with our live panel, trigger notifications and Time Planner. Receive live updates from your sparkies, and ensure every job is completed using our live Job Tracking Software.

Instant Payments and Invoices:

Electricians can easily get invoices signed off by customers, send an email copy, and even capture payments on our Mobile Job Scheduling App. Nothing can be more rewarding than getting instant payment from the customers on the spot after completing the job. This also eliminates the burden of chasing payments at the end of the month.

Keep track of your equipment and Electricians:

The right software can help you keep track of your equipment and employees. Know which team member requires which tool, which asset requires maintenance, and your electricians' current status with GPS tracking technology. All of this could be done automatically by the software without much effort needed from your side. Making the right changes for your company is pretty easy when you implement Business Software for Electricians.

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