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Remain Connected with Our ERP Software

In today's business world, it has become extremely important to remain connected with your employees, suppliers and customers. However, it has become more demanding and difficult to do so. Every company should have satisfied employees, a high level of customer retention and loyalty to suppliers in order to make successful deals. With so many things to manage, handling all of the above manually, and even separately, risks just one of them dropping. It makes sense, therefore, to conclude that the bigger the obligation, the more resources are required to help manage everything. One such resource is ERP software.

What is ERP Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning software helps you to capture, manage, track and monitor almost all of your business processes and aspects. From HR to handling your purchase orders and customer relationships, ERP is a fully operational system on its own. It makes a more organised, seamless and user-friendly experience.

Connecting With:


Connectivity between staff – both in-house and in the field – it's essential to ensure that all staff are trained and perform at a 100% productivity rate. The ERP system handles workers and their work quickly. This ensures that any bit of information about them is monitored and saved for future use. This system monitors your tasks, time spent on jobs, every day off, and even the paperwork or equipment you give to your worker. The system ensures that all information is quickly and efficiently available. It also helps you limit the use of different apps and software to keep you connected to your field workers and office staff.


Satisfied customers are one of the main drivers of success for any company. They’re the wheel that keeps the company going. To keep customers satisfied, it is important that workers, whether they work in the office or in the field, have access to their customers’ details. Suppose it’s contact information, previous and upcoming projects, payments, address details, etc. The system will ease any problems that may occur during the dealings with the customer. The ERP system with the Customer Login Portal helps you maintain a connection between you and your customer. The Customer Login Portal also allows the customers to access your system and request and manage new work orders. This means that even though you are not communicating directly with your client, there is always a continuous and immediate direct connection.


Maintaining a strong relationship with suppliers has many advantages. Loyalty to the suppliers means that you are a priority for them. This, in turn, leads to high-quality products at a reasonable cost, timely delivery and new financing opportunities. Using the ERP software to handle supplier information, a comprehensive history of communications and payments keeps you at the top of your customer list. By clicking a button, you have access to everything relevant to the supplier. Easily access the supplier's statements without having to email them. As well as this, you will have a full history of communications sent by any member of staff, and the list goes on.

Eworks Manager’s ERP Software

Eworks Manager has developed a fully equipped Enterprise Resource Planning software solution; an all-in-one system to help you manage every aspect of your company. Our ERP platform guarantees that you are not compromised when it comes to handling your potential clients, quotes, jobs, invoices, orders, reports, timesheets and more.

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