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Job Management Software for Plumbers – Are You Working At Maximum Efficiency?

As a plumber, you understand how difficult it is to run a team – it takes hours of preparation, back-and-forth contact, monitoring tradies in the field, entering jobs into diaries, and much more. You aren't always operating at full efficiency, but that can't be fixed, can it?


There is a whole range of software applications available for plumbing businesses, varying in functionality and usability. This easy step-by-step guide could help if you're scratching your head, trying to find out which of the solutions to choose:

1. Is it possible to test the software before purchasing it?

This is the most crucial question to ask. Trialling the job management software for plumbers before purchasing will allow you to assess if the system is too complicated before spending a substantial sum of money. Our software package, Eworks Manager, is available for a free 14-day trial.

2. Is it possible for me to continue using my existing accounting software?

Assume you're already working with a tried-and-true accounting system. In that case, moving all of the staff, clients, and other important information to a new system can be challenging, so it's crucial to investigate a solution that allows for integration.

3. Is it possible to allocate several workers to a single project?

If you need a team of plumbers to work on a single project, it's important to find job management software that allows you to allocate several workers to a job while still allowing client feedback.

4. Would it be possible to pay by the hour with this software?

If you have an hourly payment structure, you should search for software that includes a time-tracking feature. This feature is built-in to some software, but it is necessary to check how user-friendly the time tracker is because it helps you estimate accurate project costs for customers.

5. Can I keep all of my files and documents in one location?

It would be easier to access your data when you save everything in one place. Some job management software for plumbers will allow you to do this, while others will only allow you to use a DropBox or Google Drive product.


There are several advantages of using plumbing software, whether you are a single plumber or a plumbing team with many employees, including the following:

Manage jobs with ease:

Many plumbers have more "on-the-go" work in today's fast-paced world than they can keep up with. Because of the prevalence and necessity of smartphones and tablets, your clients and employees can contact you at any time with questions or concerns, so using job management software gives you direct access to the information that addresses these questions, complaints, and issues.

Another advantage of using work management software to run your company is that you can do it from anywhere. Since the platform is digital, you and your team can communicate from anywhere. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this was extremely helpful to many companies.

Real-time tracking:

One of the most critical and daunting activities that any business owner or foreman must perform in a plumbing company's day-to-day operations is staff management. You can monitor your field workers' movements in real-time with some job management software systems, allowing you to easily control what jobs they are performing and being assigned on a regular basis.

Full compliance:

Any business in the plumbing and heating industry must comply with health and safety enforcement regulations. By using job management systems, you can delegate these procedures to each job and mark them off until they are completed; the fact that the software saves each job means that you have a full history of which documents or notes were created.

Invoicing is efficient:

One of the most common reasons for revenue loss in trade companies is using a paper invoicing system. You risk losing track of forecasts, quotes, and invoices if there is a long paper trail to follow, while software allows you to make, send, and track customer invoices all from one platform!

Improve your organisation:

Job management software lets you run your company more effectively. You won't have to rely on an old, outdated file system or Excel spreadsheets to coordinate jobs or keep track of inventory because almost all work management software systems allow for full integration of all of these features. All documents are stored in one location, which saves time and money. Adopting work management software for your company will assist you in going completely paperless!

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, job management software facilitates accurate cost monitoring, which has historically been a time-consuming and difficult task for plumbing companies of all sizes.

Our system also helps you monitor your employees' productivity and identify areas for change, such as hours spent on a specific site or recurring jobs that aren't profitable.

In the plumbing industry, productivity and customer service go hand in hand, so sign up for a free trial of Eworks Manager today and see how we can support your business!

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