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Increase Revenue and Profits with Business Management Software

“Things are going well for the business. It could, in fact, be doing more, but it is currently operating at maximum capacity.” These are words frequently heard when speaking with office managers at technical service organizations.

The only apparent solution is to hire more engineers. However, this can increase your monthly costs while also raising your risks. The solution is to look for opportunities to do better with the people you already have, rather than hiring new people.

You can quickly find opportunities to do more for your current employees using Eworks Manager's Business Management Software. You will improve customer and employee satisfaction while increasing sales and benefit.

Better Scheduling

Manually organising jobs can consume a significant amount of time. This challenge becomes more difficult as the business grows and more information must be communicated to engineers and clients.

You can easily schedule jobs and send email and SMS confirmations to your clients using our business management software. You can also keep the engineers up to date in real-time, eliminating the need for them to return to the office to return their timesheets.

Any adjustments to job plans can be communicated to engineers via SMS or email. As these updates arrive, the Mobile App's diary will provide them with all of the details they need in real-time. Engineers may also view a client's address, phone numbers, notes, work descriptions, property history, required materials, and appliance models.

Improved efficiency in the office

It's not just the time of the engineers that is valuable – as the manager of the office, it's also yours. One of the most significant issues with manual job planning and allocation is that information is distributed using a long-winded, paper-based process. This normally means that you'll have to enter the same details over and over again.

Business Management Software automates the interfaces between these various steps and stores all information instantly. For example, our invoice management software uses your customer records, timesheets and other information to automatically produce invoices and statements.

Our system is synchronised with our Mobile App so that your admin team can allocate tasks quickly. Engineers may also quote on-site using the app, where the quote will appear on the online quoting system once it has been sent to the customer. This means you will have full control and transparency throughout your business, even when half your team works in the field.

Increase opportunities with Business Management Software

It's not just a matter of saving you time. More precisely, it's about what you can do to save time. For starters, you're less likely to miss the opportunity if you're in a better position to follow up on an enquiry. With the right details at your disposal, you can decide how to structure a big contract and meet the client specifications. You will also have more capacity to develop repeat business by automatically assigning work using timely triggers.

The better you manage to automate your timesheets, documentation, billing, inventory management and other admin duties, the more time you and your engineers have to do profitable work. Eworks Manager is here to help your company increase revenue & profits with Business Management Software

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