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A cloud-based management system for Glazing and Window Installation companies may help you organise jobs and manage inventory.

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Field Service Management System that assists you in the management and administration of your glazing and window installations. For a 14-Day Free Trial, click here!

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Glazing Software - Field Service Management Software for the Glazing and Window Installation Industry

How can Eworks Manager's Glazing Software enhance your Glazing Business?

Window installation is an important part of any glazing business. Additionally, repairing damaged windows or replacing the existing windows is also a critical part of the job. Aside from organising your installations, it is also necessary to make sure that you have the proper resources for each job.

Eworks Manager's stock management software may be used to add items to the system such as window panes, adhesives, and other job materials. You can also add information such as pricing, tax rates, and the item's location. Once added, you may use them to create estimates, tasks, and invoices all across the system.

It's Never Been Easier to Organise Jobs & Inquiries!

You can import and manage prospective clients and existing inquiries, as well as market to all of your connections.

Quote clients and quickly convert estimates to jobs

Create, print and email estimates and quotes directly to your customers.

Convert estimates and quotes into a jobs instantly via the Mobile App or admin system, without losing any information captured.

Create an estimate for your clients on-site using our Mobile App to speed up the job process.

Route Planning allows you to allocate work out economically within seconds

Eworks Manager's Route Planning Software allows you to assign particular jobs to employees with specified skill sets. The system will display the person who can attend to the task the soonest, or the worker who is nearest to the job at the moment, resulting in the most cost-effective appointment. This reduces your fuel expenses and guarantees that the project is completed on schedule.

Allocate Jobs and track expenses on projects

Create Jobs for a team of technicians working on a project. Track the progress of your projects, as well as earnings, assets, inventories, and other relevant expenditures. Jobs can rapidly add up in costs, which is why we offer an Expenses Management system that monitors all of your expenses as they occur.

You can set billable or non-billable expenditures, ensuring that you keep track of all expenses for each task.

Track your technicians using Live tracking or Vehicle tracking

Vehicle Tracking and Live Mobile Tracking are two tracking tools available in our system that allow you to view the live locations of your glazing technicians and receive automatic updates on their jobs.

Vehicle Tracking also provides Fleet Management benefits, giving you critical information on your drivers' driving behaviour reports, mileage, trip reports, and more.

The Live Mobile Tracking ftool monitors your workers' devices while they are on the job. You can see which sites your employees are visiting and how much time they are spending there. You may also quickly determine who is closest to any reactive work that may arise.

Track the status of invoices on projects.

Once jobs have been added to a Project, you can either invoice the entire project or bill each work separately. You can examine all the jobs for a project, monitor the progress of each job, and send out invoices using the project sheet Project Scheduling Software.

Reports can help you to make critical business decisions

Management reporting can help you make better business decisions. A developing company must recognise its own strengths and shortcomings. This may be accomplished by being able to analyse operational and financial data.

Fortunately, Eworks Manager provides comprehensive reports for you, making it simple to evaluate the performance reports that are most important to your business.

New Job Approval Methods!

Our latest features allow your customers to approve jobs safely with social distancing protocols.

Glazing Software FAQs

1How can Field Service Management Software help me with my Customer Service?
With our built-in CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management), you can keep track of every interaction with a client. This is especially helpful for your employees, since it may improve productivity and team collaboration. As activities may be done in a much more efficient manner, this can lead to greater income and profitability. Any difficulties that a client may have can be reported in the system and resolved.
2How will this software help me with my planning?
Using our extensive selection of planners simplifies task planning. You may either select whatever planner works best for you or use a combination of planners depending on the situation. Our Time Planner allows you to view your employees' schedules and assign assignments to available employees. Our Geo Planner provides you with access to a live map that shows the location of the nearest mobile worker to any reactive jobs.
3How can this software keep my clients informed?
You may arrange notifications to be triggered based on activities performed by your team using our customizable triggers. Customers can be notified when a job is created, when personnel are on their way to the job site, or when the project is completed. All triggers may be entirely customised to meet the demands of your company and customers.
4Can Glazing and Window Installation Software help me keep my paperwork in order?
Because our Field Service Management Software is an all-in-one package, including mobile documents, all of your company's operations are captured in a single location, on a cloud-based digital platform. This implies that all of your paperwork is completely digitised, giving you access to a complete company history across all operations.

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