Field Service Software for Your Mobile Workforce and Tradies

Digitize Your Business's Admin with Mobile Field Service Software

Field Service Management (FSM) has progressed significantly in the last decade. It now includes scheduling, dispatching, work order management, route optimization, smart scheduling, real-time status updates, and other features. FSM software enables organisations to provide their clients with the best field service solutions that integrate seamlessly with their current back-office solution from the start.

How do you choose the ideal Field Service Management App?

Because business problems and requirements differ from one another, it is critical to understand the Field Service Software's compatibility with your business requirements.

Before deciding on the finest Field Service Software platform software for your company, consider the following:

  • Recognize your company's requirements and demands.
  • Compare SaaS and On-Premise Field Service Software solutions and select the one that best fits your company's structure.
  • Field teams and service groups can be organised using software depending on skill and technicality.
  • Ensure that the platform's entire functionality satisfies all of your company requirements, from on-site customer assistance to field monitoring and optimization.

What are the advantages of using field service management software?

Workflow Standardisation

Field Service Management software creates a unified fieldwork system that standardises the corporate workflow and simplifies the whole process, from dispatching to invoicing.

Reducing Paperwork

A Field Service Software lowers manual labour by utilising real-time data management, as well as assisting in the elimination of unnecessary paperwork, the prevention of data loss, and the prevention of other manual mistakes.

Quicker Invoicing

Field Service Software automates the tricky and time-consuming process of invoicing by calculating figures based on captured field service data. Invoice Management Software guarantees that invoicing is quick, efficient, and error-free.

Dynamic Scheduling & Assigning of Urgent Tasks

Field Service Software enables dynamic scheduling, which provides faster and more effective responses to nearby activities and streamlines assignments to urgent, high-priority activities. This provides effective customer service and job management.

Route Optimization & Fuel Management

You can identify quicker routes and improve accordingly with Planning Software and tracking features. This not only assures fuel control but also significantly reduces costs.

Inventory Control, Monitoring, and Tracking

Field Service Software provides a comprehensive platform for inventory and stock management, monitoring field activities, tracking equipment and supplies, and so on. It also provides opportunities for useful business insights that may be used to optimise and improve your company's performance.

Eworks Manager's Field Management Software offers features that set us apart from our competitors:


You and your team will receive all of the support you require to get started with the system as soon as possible. During the onboarding period, we will check in with your team weekly to check everything is in order. The subscription includes all online training and support.  


Ensure that the correct tradie arrives at the correct time for the correct job. Our Smart Planning and Auto Planning can manage and automate task scheduling while taking into account Technician Availability, Travel Distances, and Technician Range to allocate jobs swiftly and effectively.


With our new Job Approval methods based on social distancing guidelines and protocols, you can ensure the safety of your tradies and clients. We will check in with your team weekly during the onboarding phase to ensure all is going well.

Try Eworks Manager's Field Service Software today for a 14-day free trial, and check out all the features of our software that set us above the rest of our competitors!

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