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Employee Management Software - Manage your Employees Effectively From One System

Efficiently Manage and Communicate with Your Team using our Staff Management Software.

Eworks Manager is the ideal employee management software for your HR department, as you can easily manage all your employees' information and documentation within one system.

With our management software, you can conveniently keep in touch with your staff by sending them messages, assign them tasks with our Task Center feature and set triggers for when a job is assigned or complete!

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View Employee Activity on the Time Planner

The Time Planner displays the status of each job as a different colour. You can quickly see ongoing task progress and if an appointment has been cancelled or put on hold. The colour-coded job blocks are updated in real-time. When your workers select 'On Route' on the Mobile App, the job block's colour changes immediately, the Time Planner will also show when employees have available time slots.

Full Reports available on the System

Eworks Manager can generate management reports based on the collection of data in the admin system. It is easy to identify who the most productive workers are and who brings in the most profit. Extensive reports can be generated on Job Summary Reports; User Time-Sheet Reports; User Holiday reports; Invoice Summaries; Profit reports per user or job and more!

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Employee Management Software FAQs

1What is an employee management system?

Employee Management Systems consist of work-related and personal information of an employee. It is an online record of all employees within an organisation. Employees are the backbone of any organisation, especially in a growing service business.

2What is the primary purpose of employee management software?

Employee Management Software aids in tracking and calculating things like employee performance, goal tracking, attendance, etc. The software keeps all your employees' data in one system.

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