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What is a CMMS System, and how can it help your business?

What is a CMMS System?

'CMMS' is the abbreviation for 'Computerized Maintenance Administration System.' A CMMS application is a software platform that keeps teams up to date. It also archives all assets, schedules and tracks maintenance tasks, and maintains a record of your team's activities.


Advantages of a CMMS program

When you implement a computerised management system, you will benefit from the following features:

  • Fewer work black-outs:Preventive maintenance is simple with a CMMS system in place. As a result, there are far less unforeseen breakdowns.
  • Better accountability: See if the technicians finish their work on time and get notifications when a job is completed or incomplete.
  • Less overtime: Better job scheduling means your staff are not standing around doing nothing or working overtime. As a result, jobs are distributed evenly.
  • Info capture: Technicians should use a CMMS system to keep track of both problems and solutions. These information are also saved for future reference.
  • Saving on buying stock: Instead of having to purchase stock items in a hurry, our inventory planning features gives you the time to look around for different pricing.

Who utilises CMMS systems?

Almost every type of company requires some level of maintenance. This is why CMMS systems are highly recommended. There are four kinds of users for these types of systems:

Production upkeep: Maintenance of production: These are businesses that produce tangible goods. They have machines, production lines, forklifts, and other heavy machinery that need to be serviced on a regular basis.

Service/Facilities Maintenance: These are businesses that take care of buildings. Apartment complexes, theatres, and federal government buildings all need ongoing maintenance. These businesses use CMMS systems to deal with structural, HVAC, and water supply issues, and often use contractors to work on their sites.

Fleet maintenance: There are businesses that manage transportation and vehicles. Car rental companies, parcel delivery vans, city buses, transportation and towing fleets all need routine maintenance.

Linear resource maintenance: Maintenance for companies with assets that tend to occupy larger spaces falls into this group. A city's linear property, for example, requires roads and water pipes, and a telecom company must maintain fiber-optic wiring that can extend over kilometres.

With a CMMS system in place, you can quickly and efficiently keep your employees up to date and control your jobs, tasks, and assets - all in one place!

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