At Eworks Manager, we want to ensure that our software has all of the required features to manage a field service business's jobs effectively and keep on track for business success.

We have worked hard at developing new and popular features, and we are continually developing our Job Management Software to be the best. Please find out more about what we have to offer below.

About Us

Eworks Manager's Field Service Management Software is designed to manage field service and trades businesses. We know that communication is critical between your field staff and your admin staff, which is why our software is designed to assist in running every business process much more smoothly.

Our entire system provides you with the tools you need to handle financials, like invoices and quotes, to managing your assets effectively and communicating with your team and clients. Eworks Manager's Job Management Software solution should be the leading choice for any business that wants to upgrade and improve its performance and workflow.
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Why Eworks Manager's Job Management Software Is So Good

Simply put - we know what our customers want! The features that we have developed and added to our system all benefit our customers and ensure that one system can run their entire operations for them.

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Below we have listed a few of our most exceptional software features.

Our Mobile Job Scheduling App

One of our features that make Eworks Manager stand out from our competitors is that we offer a fantastic Mobile App designed for tradies and field service workers.

The app gives your team access to their mobile job cards, and they are able to update their job statuses, have access to customer details, and create quotes and invoices on-site.
Our Job Scheduling App offers many more features, so it's worth checking out!

Accurate Costing

Our job costing software tracks each worker's time spent on a job, and the materials used on-site so that billing can be calculated accurately. This is a necessary feature for our clients because it ensures no costs are missed and provides accurate invoicing for their work.

Built-In Security

Eworks Manager offers extensive cloud-data security that protects all of your data within your system. With the extra security built-in, you can be sure that your company's data is safely protected, and your workers are too.


Our Service Management Software allows you to customise your system and ensure that your data is filed within the system. Customisation is key to getting your business to run the way you want it to run. We also offer a range of individual add-on features that may benefit your field of work or increase productivity even more.

Innovative Interface

When investing in a new software package for your company, you need to ensure that it's also user-friendly for your staff. Implementing new software can be tricky, especially with new packages like ours, with several complex features. Luckily, our Eworks Manager has an innovative and user-friendly interface, that becomes second-nature to use after onboarding training with our customer support team.

Timesheet Creation

Eworks Manager's Job Sheet Software offers unique features that can improve how you create timesheets. Create job sheets quickly with a drag-and-drop function and our automatic job sheet creation tool. The Time Planner is great for planning error and conflict-free appointments for your team. Once saved, the system syncs your team's schedules to the Mobile App, and just like that, your mobile users will have their scheduled work in the palm of their hands.

Choose Eworks Manager

We understand what you are looking for in a solution for all your job-related problems. If you want stress-free job and asset management, then our system is perfect for you.

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