Get the competitive edge with Security Software Programs

Running a security system installation company without the aid of technology can be difficult. Eworks Manager's Security software allows you to manage your company's demands more conveniently and practically. You can streamline your complete workflow with the help of security software solutions, from proposals through estimates, installations, maintenance, and billing.

You can easily keep your team connected, automate tasks, and generate reports with Security Software Programs

Using Security Software Applications, you can manage recurring activities, provide estimates in minutes, and stay in constant contact with your field installers.

Assign Jobs to your Technicians Easily

Eworks Manager's Security Software comes with a variety of functions that you can use to distribute work to your employees strategically and efficiently. With our drag-and-drop capabilities, you can instantly identify technicians available for new tasks and allocate the new job to them. By identifying and allocating jobs to available technicians and not working on some other project, the Time Planner minimises ambiguity.

Track your Assets and Schedule Maintenance for them

Using our Security Software Programs, you can easily monitor all of your business's assets, such as cameras and security devices. Asset tracking helps to identify assets that need to be repaired and then schedule maintenance using security software. Routine asset maintenance ensures that they are in good working order, allowing you to run your business more efficiently.

Create Estimates and Convert them into Jobs

Eworks Manager helps you create professional estimates for your company. Quotes may be easily generated on-site utilising the mobile app, eliminating the need to go to the office. After you've finished creating your quotations, you can print them or email them to your clients. You could also transform quotes into jobs without sacrificing any information.

Manage Leads in a Better Way

Efficient lead management aids in the smooth operation of your business while also improving its performance. Using our Security Software, you can successfully manage leads. Leads may be converted into quotes and clients using our software.

Track your Technicians

You can track the progression of your projects and keep track of your technicians using our Security Software Programs. You can immediately pinpoint your field technicians, allowing you to create more cost-effective timetables for your business. You save money on fuel and travel by assigning a new appointment to the closest technician to the worksite. You can also see how much time a technician spends on each job and identify and reward those who go above and beyond.

Generate Invoices With just a Few Clicks

Eworks Manager helps you to quickly and easily create error-free invoices. You can create invoices using the system's templates or by customising them to match your needs. You can immediately generate an invoice and email it to the relevant customer when a task is finished.

Our Security Software Programs can help you optimise your security business's operations, including installations, servicing, and management of security equipment. You can also easily assign tasks to your specialists and plan cost-effective routes for them, which will save you money on gas and travel.

To increase the efficiency of your security installation business, switch to Eworks Manager's Security Software. Give the system a try with our 14-day free trial.

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