Dashcam Software

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Dashcam Software

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Managing and monitoring workers when most of your staff are mobile can be tricky. Making use of our Dashcam Software ensures peace of mind and best driver practices by your field workers or fleet drivers. Easily track your company vehicles on a map, gather real-time information and data about your vehicles and receive live video footage of them.

Dashcam Software and Video Telematics for Fleet Management

Integrated within our Field Service Management Software and Vehicle Tracking System, our Dashcam Software includes a built-in GPS receiver and self-checking notifications. This delivers high-quality live footage of any incidents in your vehicles whilst out in the field. The device can also show the time and place of any journeys your employees may have taken while out on a job, making it easy to rewatch previous trips if needed. This playback feature allows you to retrace any snapshot images of an incident that may have happened – which is very helpful for insurance purposes.

Over the past couple of years, Dashcam software has grown, as insurance companies have started to offer discounts for fleets that have Dashcams in place.

Our Dashcam Software also reports on vehicle location, speed, forceful impact, harsh braking, and other driving styles. You can use it to monitor your entire fleet effectively while keeping updated on your employees driving behaviour.

If you would like to find out more about our Dashcam Software, please get in touch so we can show you exactly how it works and why it could be a vital tool to your fleet management!

Benefits of our Dashcam Software

  • Industry-leading 3G vehicle camera and tracking system
  • Full Integrated into our other Job Management and Vehicle Tracking Software
  • Live HD quality video
  • Instant Incident Review
  • Track your vehicle anytime, anywhere
  • Protect your vehicle or fleet against false driving allegations
  • Possible reduction in insurance premiums
  • Gain first notification of loss
  • Reduce fleet operating costs
  • Reduce risk with transparent fleet operations
  • Enabling risk management control on the roads with complete visibility
  • Accurate G-Force and GPS data to help mitigate third-party repair costs
  • Encourage safe driving and assess driver training needs

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Unauthorised Usage

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