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Lead Management System - A Lead Tracking System for your sales team

Lead Management Software to help you Manage and Streamline your Entire Business.

Eworks Manager's Lead Management Tool is designed to capture and manage a potential customer or business opportunity. Managing leads becomes much easier with our all-in-one Job Management Software.

Our Lead Tracking Software lets you import, manage and convert prospects to quotes or create tasks against leads. Your sales staff will have access to a more productive and efficient platform that manages potential customers and opportunities.

Managing Prospective Customers Has Never Been Easier

You can import prospective clients, manage enquiries and create estimates or quotes.
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Add Attachments to Leads

You can upload attachments such as site documents or user manuals to your leads. When converted to a quote, the software will automatically sync the attachments. Once a quote is accepted and is converted to a job, the software will sync the attachments to your mobile user's job to view the Mobile Job Scheduling App.

Full CRM and Task Management

You can easily monitor and assign leads to your sales crew. Easily capture calls, notes, complaints, and email your leads from the CRM tab. Create and manage jobs for yourself against your leads using our Task Management Software. The software will automatically notify you when a task needs completing.

Import and convert leads to Customers and Quotes

Entering a large collection of leads manually is just not practical; luckily, Eworks Manager allows you to import your leads with a single upload. You can schedule sales appointments for your reps to do on-site inspections before creating quotes to send off to your customers.

Authorisation of Leads and Reports

The software allows you to assign access rights per user, allowing you to select a specific person(s) to authorise leads. This is handy when you have a supervisor or manager needing to make sure that the lead or opportunity entries are credible.

With the ability to include additional custom fields in the leads section, you can use the search filter to find specific leads to print or export for Reporting purposes.

The Complete Business System

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Lead Tracking System FAQs

1What is a Lead Management Tool?

A platform that records and manages details of a potential customer or opportunity. Managing Leads has never been easier with an all-in-one CRM Sales Management Software.

By importing, managing, converting and creating tasks against leads in one place, you become more productive and efficient in managing potential customers and opportunities. When you adopt a lead tracking tool, you will save time and respond to leads quickly, thus increasing your chances of landing that new client.

2Why is Lead Management important?
Managing leads effectively can help businesses understand which tactics are creating the best leads, so you can improve your sales and marketing campaigns to be effective and efficient. CRM Sales & Lead Management records a full history of interactions between a customer and your company, so you can determine precisely how you converted a lead to a customer.
3How do you effectively manage leads?

Our CRM Sales Lead Management System, in conjunction with our CRM software, equips your sales staff with the perfect tool to record every interaction with your prospects and customers - allowing you to allocate and respond to leads quickly. By responding immediately, you set your business apart from its competitors!

Companies generate leads through various online and offline platforms such as websites, emails, social media, paid ads, webinars, sales presentations, etc. Manually adding all these leads into a CRM System is not practical, especially when you have a large list of leads. A sound Lead Tracking System ensures every lead is automatically integrated into the software, from websites, emails, and calls, preventing leads from slipping through the cracks. Capturing the source is also important to know what marketing campaigns are working and what aren't.

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